The starring role of a lifetime: How becoming a new father will be the most important and rewarding job you’ll ever have

By Midwife Cath, Tommee Tippee’s Expert Brand Ambassador   In the 1960s, being a father was largely categorised by three things – your financial contribution to the household, your ability as a disciplinarian, and making sure you’re macho enough to… Continue Reading >

How to Manage Stress

Stress is a very common aspect of life. Everyone experiences stress and some people will always be more stressed than others. Stress can range from having to deal with the daily struggles such as paying the bills, cleaning your house,… Continue Reading >

Have you heard about the January Blues?

We’ve all of heard of ‘having the blues’ or ‘feeling blue’…where we know this as meaning feeling sad or depressed. There’s even been many a song written about having the blues….but have you heard about having the January Blues? Essentially… Continue Reading >

Working a Job vs. Owning a Business

Is it better to work a job or own a business? I would have to respond with a resounding “Yes” in support of owning a business. Let’s examine the areas of income, autonomy, and potential. Income A full-time job will… Continue Reading >

Support Mums for 365 Days not just 1

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day and of course all the love and admiration is there for what I and many other mother’s do daily.  I received some lovely pressies and was taken out to a nice lunch by hubby and… Continue Reading >

You Are Enough

Validation – this word came up so much this week when I was in clinic listening to the mums and dads. Parents seeking out that they are doing a great job. Sometimes it was just a matter of reassuring them… Continue Reading >

Understanding the needs of your newborn

by Renee Adair   I’m sure we all agree that one of the trickiest jobs, as a new parent, besides navigating lack of sleep, is to begin to understand your newborn baby’s needs. As a new parent with reality biting… Continue Reading >

Debate: ‘Mums need to get back into workforce’ research shows

In a provocative new study it’s been said that stay-at-home Mums are a drain on Australia’s economy and should get to work for their own benefit and the good of the country. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) landmark… Continue Reading >

Becoming a Stepparent

“Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, but being a stepparent throws in a whole new set of challenges.” Taking on the responsibilities of a stepparent and adopting the traditional role of mother or father, often does… Continue Reading >