There are several reasons why women choose to have children later in life. Some desire to be financially and emotionally stable before bringing up a child. Others are ambitious, living their lives with purpose aiming to achieve and accomplish specific goals first before stepping up into the world of parenting. Some are simply waiting for the right partner to come into their lives.

“Over the last 40 years, the percentage of live birth to women aged 35 and over has increased considerably,” as said by Elizabeth McLaren of the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics as of 2016. This means that women are choosing to wait and preparing themselves for starting up a family.

Women have increasingly become career driven and are likely wait between starting a family and climbing up the corporate ladder. They want to achieve that feeling of accomplishment first before starting up anything especially building up a family.

According to the 2016 Suncorp Bank Cost of Living research report, Australian parents spend on average $1,370 per month on each of their children. On average, this equates to more than a quarter (27%) of their household income per child. As a responsible adult, women would want to be set financially before they begin into the world of childcare.

Choosing to have children later in life will have risks especially during pregnancy and these women will be well educated and able. They are more likely dedicated themselves to being healthy from pregnancy until parenting.

Being financially capable, they can well provide for the well-being and welfare of the children as well. These women are also less stressed about financial security thus they tend to be more patient and have more time to spend with their children. Their children grow up to be well behaved and emotionally stable.

Some women choose to have children later in life because they are waiting for the right relationship to come. A person that they would make sense in their life and help realize about starting up a family.  Thus, they would be mature enough to begin the journey of a new life together and more.

Doctors aren’t saying it’s better to have children later, but most women feel they have some flexibility in deciding when to have children. They know of the modern advances in technology like IVF and egg freezing thus making their choice of having children a little later possible.

There are pros and cons of having children later in life but women have their choice to make. They choose to have it later when they are financially and emotionally stable and have reached a sense of accomplishment in their lives. While others can juggle both career and family life, we all know it’s not an easy task. Everything we do in life has to be done with hard work and dedication. Thus, these women who made their choice will have more dedication and more time when they are ready.


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