The Power Of The Attachment Bond: Part Two

by Elizabeth Ryan    Continuing on from the first part of this article, which detailed positive and secure styles of attachment, the following are three forms of insecure attachment. Anxious-preoccupied Toddlers with anxious-preoccupied attachment tend to become upset when their… Continue Reading >

You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family this Winter

Flu season has arrived early in NSW Flu is circulating widely in NSW for the first time in two years, coinciding with continuing high numbers of COVID-19 cases. Flu and COVID-19 are both serious illnesses, but flu generally affects young… Continue Reading >

The problem with asking ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’

By Liv Pennie    ‘What do you want to be when you’re older?’ It’s a common question that we hear time and time again throughout our childhoods. Adults are prone to asking it to children of any age, at any… Continue Reading >

Why socialisation is important for children.

I live in Melbourne, the city with the longest covid related  lock down in the world. In 2019 if you had told me socialising was going to be an illegal activity because of a global pandemic, I would not have… Continue Reading >

Not all bacteria is bad for children

You can’t avoid bacteria. These hardy, single-celled microorganisms are found in every habitat on our planet. They’re in our soil, rocks, oceans and snow. And they’re all over you and your kid too. Your little one may look completely clean… Continue Reading >

Children and Technology

In the age of technology and social media, children and adolescents are now less likely to be physically active. Research has indicated that living a sedentary lifestyle (e.g. not being physically active and playing video games or watching television) can… Continue Reading >

Why are educational apps so important?

Educational apps have evolved into more capable caregivers for children. Children nowadays turn to technology and the internet for answers rather than seeking advice from adults. These applications provide the most up-to-date and accurate information when compared to other sources…. Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Show Love and Care to Your Children

Parenthood means everything to me. I love, love, love being a father. To make things even better, I have been serving as a parent educator for a few years now, and this has been an absolutely awesome journey. Because of… Continue Reading >

How to Raise Happier and Healthier Children

As parents, we all want to raise happy, healthy children who are equipped with self-confidence and compassion to navigate this new world. We know that being a well-adjusted adult increases the likelihood of living life on our terms with little… Continue Reading >

You never imagine that you will be ‘The One’…. but what if you were?

We all have hopes and dreams for our children. We hope that they will make friends, fall in love, be successful and build a life of their own, but most of all, we hope that they will be healthy and… Continue Reading >