Top tips to prepare the kids for back-to-school

The school bells are ringing, and the 2021 school year is about to begin. For many parents and children, it’s the start to a new chapter in their lives and an important transition, especially after the stop-start Covid school experience… Continue Reading >

BACK TO SCHOOL: How to pack healthy lunch boxes

The holidays are over and school has started back. We are now faced with the task of what to pack in our children’s lunchboxes.  And it can get a little daunting trying to decipher what is healthy and what isn’t… Continue Reading >

Are You Ready? It’s Back to School Time!

Now is the time to prepare for a safe and smooth transition from the holiday break Can you believe it- it’s almost time to dig out the forgotten uniforms and lunchboxes as students prepare to return to school in late… Continue Reading >

Why music is superfood for young children’s brain development

Media kindly brought to you by Mini Maestros We all know a song and a dance gives kids oodles of enjoyment, but did you know music also presents a huge developmental benefit for young children in particular? It’s common to… Continue Reading >

10 Cheap Ways to Keep Children Cool this Summer

We can’t stop the summer heat but what we can do is keep our children cool during this time. Most of us don’t have air conditioners at home so we have to rely on other means for our children to… Continue Reading >

How can schools help students stay more engaged post-COVID – and how can parents help?

The world of work has changed dramatically in the 21st century and as parents, we are preparing our children for a job market we may never previously have imagined. Add the onslaught of COVID-19 to the mix, and things are… Continue Reading >

Helping Children In Rainbow Families To Stay Safe | Karen Craigie | Ep 129

  Speaking to children about how to protect their body & their privacy can be an uncomfortable conversation for parents & children. However, it is an incredibly important conversation to have. In Australia, state & territory governments have the statutory… Continue Reading >

Tips For Raising Children With Food Intolerances | Tarnya Bruinier | Ep 130

  Raising children is undoubtedly one of the hardest jobs in the world. Interestingly enough, it’s not a role we put on our resumes: despite the hours are 24/7 with more pressure than any paid position we could ever think… Continue Reading >

Helping kids build new worlds with Playmobil

Media kindly brought to you by Playmobil As families rejoice in holiday preparations to heal from a very challenging year and look ahead to brighter days, it’s natural for parents to want to reward the resilience of their children this… Continue Reading >

Christmas Leftover Recipes

We have all been there, after the holiday feasts, we end up with leftovers all kept in the fridge. We can reheat them and serve them again for the family but sometimes the children would want something freshly cooked instead… Continue Reading >