How to build relationships so that kids will listen: 8 things to do

As psychologists, we often say that kids need connection before correction. That means parents need to connect with them before they can start the process of trying to change behaviour (the correction part). And it’s true – that connection with… Continue Reading >

Fostering Healthy Family Relationships

Here are some tips and advice for fostering healthy family relationships: Communication is Key: Open, honest communication is the foundation of healthy family dynamics. Encourage family members to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a respectful and constructive manner…. Continue Reading >

Why Valentine’s Day Is Often a Missed Opportunity for Dads

Valentine’s day is celebrated as a day of romance and to express our deepest love to the people we care about. Often that’s our wives, our partners or our girlfriends. As a dad though, there is another opportunity for you…. Continue Reading >

Preparing for a Loving Relationship with Your Newborn: A Mother’s Guide

My name is Natasha Hogan and I would like to share my story of becoming a mother as it truly is an extraordinary and transformative experience! I struggled in my journey to conceive and needed to utilise IVF, but once… Continue Reading >

3 Reasons Sugar is Okay this Christmas

We have all heard it before, sugar is the devil – but this statement is unfounded and can actually cause more damage than good when it leads to restriction. Kids Public Health Nutritionist, Shelley Judge, is here to set the… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Establish a Positive Relationship With School

Education can be a real battleground for parents, particularly if your child has a diagnosis or disability. It can be a battle to find the right educational setting for your child, let alone getting your child’s needs met. It can… Continue Reading >

100ish questions to ask before baby arrives

Just glance & answer. There are no right or wrong answers. Use these points as a kick-off for conversation. Naming Bebe Whose last name will the baby take (if either of yours)? Will the baby have the dad’s last name,… Continue Reading >

Why Not Invite Halloween Into Your Kids Decor!

The fun of the Halloween night! Sweets! Masks. Giggles and Ghoulish behaviour. There’s nothing like dressing up and frightening your pals and neighbours. My kids and I love it, and in fact, our last Halloween event was as a Voodoo… Continue Reading >

Importance of the relationship you have with your childcare; right from the beginning

Throughout life, relationships are fundamentally important and are vital to feel a sense of belonging. In the early years children learn what that is and how that makes them feel, from using their experiences, parents and environment. Belonging will shape… Continue Reading >

Fostering Relationships through Infertility

Relationships – irrespective of who they are with, or why they have formed – are critical to our wellbeing and mental health, particularly those relationships which are positive in nature. Infertility and ongoing challenges with conception, and pregnancy can place… Continue Reading >