What does my child need right now? Behaviour is the best indicator!

by Dr Julie Hollitt   Being curious about the behaviour of children is to be curious about what they need and about what it is that they are ready to learn. The behaviour of children can be far more enlightening… Continue Reading >

School Readiness

Choosing a school is one of the biggest decisions parents make for their children in their formative years. Coupled with this decision is parents’ understanding their children’s readiness for the challenges and rigour of primary school. In recent years more… Continue Reading >

Starting Solids with Multiples

Moving onto solids is always a fun and exciting time. You get to start playing around with different flavours and textures with your twins or triplets and they get to make a huge mess with food everywhere. The decision to… Continue Reading >

Toileting, is my child ready?

When thinking about toilet training children it can elicit feelings of excitement about not needing to change nappies anymore. With that though, also comes some big feelings of nervousness about significant changes and a shift in Independence for some children…. Continue Reading >

Congrats, you’re having a baby – now what?

Expecting a new baby is an exciting and spectacular time, however, it can also be a little overwhelming, particularly if it’s your first child. Somewhere in amongst the books to read, antenatal classes to go to and names to decide… Continue Reading >

10 Things Dads Can Do Now to Get Ready for Baby’s Arrival

Congratulations on your new baby! There’s no doubt preparing for and welcoming your bub as a new dad is a special and exciting time. But it can also be overwhelming. Good planning will help take some pressure off and give… Continue Reading >

Are we ready to become parents?

In today’s world, people have a lot of competing priorities. Careers, personal goals, finances and a range of things they want to do before settling down. The Australian Institute of Family Studies reports that the age for starting a family… Continue Reading >

Sex After Twins

Let’s talk about sex, baby! It may not be something that is on your mind straight after giving birth, however it is a conversation that will need to be had at some point in the months following the birth. It… Continue Reading >

Is your child ready to start school next year?

Deciding if your child is ready for school can cause some anxiety for parents, especially if their birthday happens to make them a particularly young starter. While you might be feeling stressed about the decision, there are some clear signifies… Continue Reading >

A super simple, stress free guide to introduce solids

There is soooo much mixed info out there on this one.  Ask ten people in your social circle- they’ll all have different ideas and rules about ‘how to’.   The reality of the situation, however, is that it is super simple… Continue Reading >