Motivation takes practice, it takes dedication, and it takes time and PATIENCE. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you are going to be successful in change – it’s going to be a life change – and that takes time. If you have strategies to deal with those moments of weakness, those dark moments, those moments that test you to your limits you are MUCH more likely to SUCCEED.

Even when you have made the best intentions, set the goals and your motivation is set at its highest point there will be times that test you. Just as you are about to make a massive change, start a weight loss plan, have a mental shift, the mind will test you – to see how badly you really want change. These are the times when strategies are essential – they keep the goal front and center – they keep the focus on the life plan, not the current moment.

Some useful strategies to cope with these moments where life throws something you were not expecting at you are: Stop – Pause – Assess – is it worth (whatever it is that is throwing you off)? then…Go for a walk – Drink a glass of water – Call a friend – Meditate – Dance – Sing – loudly

A great visual tool is to draw the future you closer by drawing a NEW you right here, now, in full color with every detail! Imagine your outcome, your goal, what would you be wearing? How would you wear your hair? Would you wear heels or flats? What purse would you use, every last detail to be accounted for?

Whatever we want to change, our bodies, our thoughts, our environment we need to find and lock into the motivation for that change to happen. We must retrain the mind in a different direction, change neural pathways and always keep fresh in our present thoughts our WHY.

Every time your mind wants to talk you out of something it says “It’s too hard you can’t do it, let’s start on Monday, today is not a good day, tomorrow is a better day” it cleverly demotivates you without you realizing it.

The mind is subtle in its sabotage, it whispers to you and you believe it’s actually you saying it.

By being present we learn to catch these thoughts before they have a chance to take hold. We can feel the resistance first, something’s not right, something feels different. We then start to analyze that feeling which turns into a thought which, if not caught for what it is it turns into self-sabotage.

It’s not real! It’s simply the mind protecting you. The mind protects you because it’s looking out for you, it doesn’t want you to get hurt or feel pain so it sends you signals, words that make you second guess yourself and your motivation.

The universe, on the other hand, will test you to see how badly you want something.

You say you want a lean body, you want to lose a few pounds and look great in a swimsuit – a very reasonable motivation, and you’re dedicated to making this happen.

You’ve joined a gym, you’ve cleaned out your pantry, and you’ve had your last cupcake, bag of chips and bar of chocolate. Then, the universe comes up and says “you want to lose weight and look great? Ok, let’s see how badly you want it” Then the derailing begins, relatives come over for a family birthday with pizza, cake, chips, and dip. Your best friend insists on taking you out for your birthday for a lunch followed by dessert – does this sound familiar?

Every time your mind wants to sabotage itself and your efforts you have to pull it back to the present moment – recondition your thoughts and recondition your mind. By reminding yourself of why you want to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve every day your body will begin to respond as if it has already happened. State for friends and family very clearly your goals and how they can support and motivate you – get them on your side as your cheer squad!

Don’t keep a secret of what you want to achieve. Say it out loud, say it with pride, and say it with conviction.  Allow others to hold you accountable, choose 1 or 2 close friends who you know will be honest with you, support you when you’re feeling low and remind you of why you are motivated to change. Everyone struggles to stay motivated at times, we need reminders from those who love us and have our best interests at heart, those who want to see us succeed and not be threatened by others’ success.



Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m a Courageous Empowerment Coach. I help women go from fed-up, frustrated and fearful to empowered, engaged and excited about their lives.

Maggie Chilton BA(Hons) R.H.N

I’m also a key-note speaker and have appeared on the FitMama Podcast.

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