How to Encourage a Growth Mindset at School and at Home

The word “YET” can be very powerful to help our children and students to develop a growth mindset, which will help them towards achieving their goals and foster success. A growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset will help… Continue Reading >

Saving Money as a Single Parent

As a single parent, saving money can feel like a daunting task. With all the everyday expenses plus raising rent prices and interest rates, it may seem impossible to put money aside for the future. However, there are several strategies… Continue Reading >

The benefits of having a climbing frame for children at home

Young children need to run, climb, and discover their environment. Children who spend time climbing benefit from enhanced gross motor skills, including improved balance, coordination, and core strength.

Make Mindful Magic this Christmas with The Little Potion Co

Ah, the magic of Christmas! With the enchantment of twinkling lights, festive decorations, and an atmosphere filled with delightful scents from freshly cut pine to the warm spices of baking, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year…. Continue Reading >

Organisation, key to a smooth winter

With winter well and truly underway, temperatures dropping, rain settling in, and still a few months to go before spring, being organised is key to a stress-free and smooth winter. Of course, there are always unplanned events and unforeseen circumstances… Continue Reading >

How to reduce childhood stresses

By Alicia Windon, psychologist at Youthrive It’s nearly that time of the year where the final school term is nearing an end but with it comes the stress of kids completing assignments and tests. The younger children can also often… Continue Reading >

Are You NDIS Ready?

  If you’re the parent of a child with a disability or diagnosis, the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) may play a big role in your life. Whether you are already in the scheme, preparing to transition or you’ve only… Continue Reading >

How to Stay Motivated When You Have No Motivation

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, especially when you are juggling lock downs, children, a career and a family.  The reason people find themselves unmotivated could be because they are not seeing the bigger picture.  When things are… Continue Reading >

Spark Courage

At Spark Courage, Anneliese offers personally tailored, confidential health and wellness coaching services.
If you have lost your energy and confidence due to setbacks such as injury, increased pressure or stress, Anneliese will help you find your mojo and support you to create healthy, sustainable habits on your own terms.

Voicing Your Vision

Oftentimes in the world of entrepreneurship/business, you hear the term “vision” and the phrase- you must have a vision. So, what is a vision? A vision is a pictorial representation (visual image) of a culmination of plans, goals, and actions…. Continue Reading >