It might surprise you that you won’t have to do and spend a lot to make your mum feel special on Mother’s Day. The best way to make her feel special is to give her a break from the things she does daily.


  1. Play Her Favourite Sound

On any given day, mothers will often have more than 20 things on their to-do list. They’re thinking about: school lunches; the overdue electricity bill; buying new school shoes; cleaning the bathroom; and what to cook for dinner. This mental load is exhausting! One way to make your mum feel special on Mother’s Day is to do a few of the chores or tasks on her to-do list without her asking you too – the best sound she could hear would be the whooshing of the vacuum cleaner being played by someone other than her.


  1. Say Yes

The most challenging role of being a mum is the constant negotiating with her family to get things done – it becomes exhausting. On Mother’s Day, saying, ‘Yes’ to anything she asks you to do will bring her immeasurable happiness.


  1. Ban Mum From the Kitchen

It’s likely that your mum does most of the cooking in the household – if that’s true, keep her out of the kitchen on Mother’s Day. Either cook for her or take her out, but ensure you’ve got breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks covered.


  1. Show Your Appreciation

Mothers love to receive gifts, but do you know what means more to her than presents? Thoughtfully written cards that tell her why you love her, what makes her a special mum, and writing how much you appreciate all that she does for the family.


  1. Gift

Buying your mum a gift would be the icing on the cake for your Mum. Especially if you’ve taken the time to choose something that you know she would like. Hint: It won’t be a salad spinner.

It could be a dress in her favourite colour, or a Spa Gift Voucher. It could even be a book of hand-made gift vouchers that she could redeem at home e.g. ‘Cook-free Day’, or ‘Fold a Basket of Laundry’ that she could give to other members of the family.


Happy Mama Mindset Coach, Marija Castellari, helps mums with young children who are overwhelmed and exhausted to let go of mother-guilt and prioritise their needs so they can bring more joy back to their parenting.

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