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South West Wellbeing Centre

Suddenly found yourself stuck at home with the kids?  All over our country, School has been shut down by the Government, and there are so many changes in our world.  Staying home can be a challenge for many people – particularly if there are a few kids in the mix.  Its sometimes a challenge when everyone is home on the holidays – but this is everyone home to do school work……… so you are all stuck at home together – everyday!!! So its not unusual for parents to be feeling like they are “nuts” or “losing it” or that things can get out of control.  You didnt train to be a “teacher”……right? This could be even tougher than usual parenting.  Change can be hard for everyone to deal with and we have some things that will help.

Managing kids emotions

It can be a challenge for kids on a number of levels – change, emotions, siblings, home environment instead of school……..Now they’ve got mum or dad telling them what to do all day – that could be tough. Some kids manage their emotions well and others can be easily triggered into meldown with changes……..with no familiar school environment, with siblings nearby, with the struggles of a parent in a different role.

So here’s a few tips to help your kids:

  1. Set out a clear visual structure with regular activity breaks
  2. Give kids a choice on what to do – eg – would you like to do maths or spelling first.
  3. Have a bit of time together to do some fun things – this will help with improving your relationship and connection
  4. Allow them some time to express emotions & energy (trampoline, kick a ball around)

Helping parents to cope

Many parents are struggling with the changes too.  Having everyone together in the same space for allday and everyday, for days on end can be tough.  Ok – it might feel like you are “going nuts!” but you’re not the only one – chances are, everyone else is feeling like that too.

Here’s some things to help:

  1. Get a good nights sleep (if thats hard, seek professional advice!!)
  2. Have some regular alone time (go for a walk in the garden or to the park)
  3. have someone you can debrief with (partner, friend, parent, professional)

Being home with all your kids can be challenging.  Home schooling can be very different.  There is a way to get thru this and still enjoy life!!  you can survive!! you will survive!!  implement these family friendly strategies and find some things you can enjoy doing together at the end of the day.

If things continue to be challenging – contact us for a confidential consultation.  We can provide parenting advice, information or counselling. We also provide counselling for parents or children – spending time with a professional can assist in better understanding your body


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