What is Matrescence and why every woman should know about it?

I never thought motherhood would be such a challenging and transformative experience for me. In hindsight, I realise that it started well before my daughter came into this world. I felt a shift within me as I was trying to… Continue Reading >

School Holiday Survival Guide for Special Needs Parents

While school holidays can pose a challenge to most families, for special needs families, they can be especially tough. It’s hard to balance the needs of the whole family while meeting the needs of your special needs child. It’s even… Continue Reading >

Managing Expectations

I am doing it right now – staring at a blank piece of paper, feeling my mouth dry and a lurch in my belly… it is anxiety at is gentlest, but nevertheless distracting enough to make the flow of words… Continue Reading >

Who is like the mum or dad at home? Neither it’s called parenting…

A common question asked of same-sex couples who have children is who takes on specific roles within the household, in short, who plays the role of mum and who plays the role of dad?   I like to challenge this… Continue Reading >

How was school today?

As we send our children to school we trust learning is taking place, and it is. But how do we know? The conversations we have with our children are imperative to building partnerships between school and home, and connecting in… Continue Reading >

How to Survive and Thrive in Lockdown

Life in lockdown can be tough – whether you’re trying to run a business (which is stressful enough in itself), or working from home on top of trying to home-school the children, you may be feeling overwhelmed and struggling to… Continue Reading >

How to Improve Work/Life Balance as a Dad | Amelia Walker and Chris Barnes from Gidget Foundation | Ep 165

  Fatherhood is one of the most challenging, yet profoundly fulfilling jobs there is. It’s common that on the outside Dads portray that they are fine, however on the inside many silently carry the weight of worries and acute stresses… Continue Reading >

Happier Holidays

Jay Anderson Holiday time can be tricky for many families. It’s the end of the year – children are exhausted, parents are busy. Spending time together can be a challenge, particularly if things are not going well. So many times,… Continue Reading >

The Spirit of Christmas in a COVID-19 Year

 by Krissy Regan Many people are not ready to think about Christmas yet and I don’t blame them – I’m not quite there yet myself.  I confess I feel a bit worried about Christmas because I see so many families… Continue Reading >

COVID-19 Supporting Children With Autism | Portia Gunn | Ep 117

  It has become increasingly pre-valence over the past half-a-century that there has been a steady increase in the number of children being diagnosed with autism. That being new diagnoses per year and the total number of affected individuals in… Continue Reading >