Strengthening Local Communities

One of the most important lessons of recent years is the value of community. When disasters strike, whether they be bushfires, floods or pandemics, often the most heartfelt and sustained support comes from the people who live around us, whether… Continue Reading >

Voting for Your Children’s Lives

by Dr Sally Gillespie   In a democracy, voting always matters. But the upcoming Australian Federal election has a special urgency as the window for effective climate action is now very narrow indeed. The climate wake up calls are coming… Continue Reading >

Minority Stress in Same Sex Families

Shane Warren   As we approach the end of another year, we often find ourselves reflecting back on the year past, the good the stuff, the tough stuff and the ‘I’m out of here’ stuff…  Therapeutically this is powerful stuff… Continue Reading >

Panic-free Parody

By Rachel Favilla   Fellow Australians, what we need right now is a good laugh and the uplifting atmosphere of a campfire sing-a-long. In light of the recent Bushfires, I feel that lighting any sort of fire would be in… Continue Reading >

Healthy habits to avoid emotional eating this Christmas

The end of the year can be so exhilarating. jam packed with exciting events, Christmas shopping and catching up with friends and family that you might not have seen during the lockdown period. Sometimes this can feel slightly overwhelming. You… Continue Reading >


by Damon Nailer   Intrinsic Motivation is internal, meaning it comes from within and can be generated without any assistance. Typically, leaders, independent, assertive, and aggressive people possess intrinsic motivation. This is because in many cases, they don’t have anyone… Continue Reading >

Dealing with big emotions from little people: strategies to help your child harness their emotions

Media kindly brought to you by Jellystone Designs   Picture this: your toddler is attending a friend’s birthday party, and as the afternoon winds up, you tell them to say their goodbyes, because “it’s time to go”. These four simple… Continue Reading >

Rags to Riches Plot – choosing people who support you is an important skill for us all

This story line, in its simplest form for young children, is about wishing to have attributes that we see in others. For older children, it is about adolescence, pimples, bodies changing… Need I say more! An ordinary, insignificant person, dismissed… Continue Reading >

Games List the kids will enjoy in this time of Isolation

As we are all aware, the world is in a little bit of a state now.  The Coronavirus and Covid-19 have placed the world into a spin and we are all doing our best to deal with our new reality,… Continue Reading >

Returning to Work After Having a Baby

There is much to process as you return to the workplace after having your baby. You may experience a wide array of emotions. You are managing many changes such as: separation from your child, potentially a different workplace or new… Continue Reading >