Gut Health for Kids

By Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics Have you heard the one about the adult who was cured of fatigue and tummy pain by making sure their gut was “healthy”? Kids can have these symptoms too but may struggle to communicate… Continue Reading >

Little changes parents can make to improve their children’s vegetable consumption

Children are not consuming enough vegetables. In fact, only 6% of children aged 2-17 years of age eat the recommended amount, according to a recent data from the Australian Health Surveys.  As a parent with two young kids, I understand… Continue Reading >

Back to School Guide – Checklist for all Stages

Starting big school is exciting and a huge milestone in a kid’s life, and also for the parents. Some things that might be different are a bigger school, having to wear a school uniform, new teachers, new kids, and not… Continue Reading >

Signs your child isn’t getting enough sleep due to technology overuse

What are some signs that your child or adolescent isn’t getting enough sleep, perhaps through overusing technology? ● Depressed mood,(5) irritability during offline social interactions ● Hyperactivity at school (6) ● Reluctance/arguing about getting off phones/devices and going to bed… Continue Reading >

4th Trimester Considerations from a Women’s Health Physio 

The journey of pregnancy doesn’t end with childbirth—it continues into the crucial period known as the 4th trimester. Your Women’s health physiotherapist should play a vital role in supporting you during this transformative phase. In this blog post, we will delve… Continue Reading >

A Women’s Health Physio’s Guide to Postural Changes in Pregnancy and Why It’s Important to Get  PREGNANCY STRONG!!!

Finding out that you are expecting is a time of elation and most likely nausea, it’s unlikely you are thinking ahead as to what changes your body may go through. However, it’s important to know that although it’s obvious that… Continue Reading >

Introducing Pets to Your New Baby

Bringing home a new baby is always an exciting time but many people wonder what is the best way to introduce the new addition to your furbaby? The best approach is to start early. Even before baby arrives, pets will… Continue Reading >

Here is what you don’t know about AI that could harm you and your children

Do you like sci-fi? I love it. Since I was a young girl, sci-fi has captured my imagination. I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved reading Isaac Asimov’s books and wouldn’t miss a Star Trek episode. I loved watching… Continue Reading >

The tempting thing to actually avoid when your child reports comments about their body

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics or Facebook page Bayside Dietetics   Maya (identifying details in this story have been changed) came to see me regarding her son this week. With the return to school, she was feeling anxious… Continue Reading >

How Your Sleep Cycle Changes When Bub Comes Along, And What To Do About It

Realistically, your sleep cycle is no longer yours – it’s at the peril of your newborn. All in all, this means a lot of adjusting and sleep deprivation. Research shows new parents sleep on average 4.5 hours a night in… Continue Reading >