5 Ways to Role-model Resilience (when you’re struggling)

By Hannah Davison   Turn back the clock four years to 12:02 am, Monday, 14th November 2016. I held my son as the violent 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake wreaked havoc around us. It tore through our home with a monstrous… Continue Reading >

Riding the Emotional Waves of a Chronic Condition

By Simone Albert   Wading through the waves of emotions that can crash over anyone receiving a new diagnosis of a chronic condition is nothing short of confronting and overwhelming. Adding to this the element of a life-threatening diagnosis such… Continue Reading >

In 2020, asking our kids R U OK? Is more important than ever before

In 2020, the issue of mental health is high on the agenda. With a global pandemic adding a large dose of extra anxiety into everyone’s lives, it’s more important than ever before to be open about our emotions, especially when… Continue Reading >

5 Emotions that can Change your Parenting Style in Divorce

When you are a parent and your relationship is over, it is likely to affect you and your child. You are likely to experience a range of emotions as your circumstances change and your future becomes uncertain. These emotions can… Continue Reading >

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

It was 4:30 in the afternoon, and I’d taken Mitchell shopping after school. Both he and I were tired, but I knew I needed to pick something up from the store before they closed at 5. I was in a… Continue Reading >

Looking after YOU?

Jay Anderson Its been a tricky few months. Lots of changes. Too much in the news. What’s happening here? Or there? Who really do you believe??  The tv, the newspaper? The internet? Or Facebook? Your friends?? what is the latest?… Continue Reading >

Is home schooling driving you nuts?

Suddenly found yourself stuck at home with the kids?  All over our country, School has been shut down by the Government, and there are so many changes in our world.  Staying home can be a challenge for many people –… Continue Reading >

The Joy and Trauma of New Parenthood

Wow Mother’s day again already!? I think I was so shell shocked for the last Mother’s day that I barely remember it, but I was there. There are pictures of my little one making an odd face while my mother… Continue Reading >

How to help kids cope with disappointment caused by isolation

In a world impacted by Coronavirus it can seem like everything fun has been cancelled. There are so many things that have suddenly disappeared from our children’s lives –  birthday parties, holidays, visiting grandparents, play dates, the Easter Show- so… Continue Reading >

Resolving Stress During COVID-19

As a parent, you want to do everything you can for your family to protect them and yourself against the risk of Coronavirus. In this challenging time, it can be stressful when your regular routine is thrown out of sync,… Continue Reading >