Building Confidence Through Emotional Awareness 

While kids are growing up, it can be difficult for them to feel confident. But there are things parents can do to support their emotional growth and build confidence. Your children’s ability to grow emotionally resilient is assisted by your… Continue Reading >

Navigating Toddlerhood: Six Essential Insights for Confident Parenting

Understanding these aspects of toddlerhood can help parents navigate this challenging yet rewarding stage of development with confidence and patience. 6 things to know about toddlers Exploration is Key: Toddlers are like little scientists, it is in their nature to… Continue Reading >

Navigating the Rollercoaster of New Parenthood

By Julie Borninkhof, Chief Executive Officer, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA)    Becoming a parent evokes all kinds of emotions and thoughts. Many people find that pregnancy or having a baby is more challenging than they anticipated and it’s… Continue Reading >

Playgroups for Climate Action

Sally Gillespie   For many, becoming a parent can arouse powerful emotions about the future that lies ahead for their child in a rapidly heating world. Yet very often this deep concern is not what gets discussed in mother’s group… Continue Reading >

Back-to-School Confidence Crisis? Here’s A Magical Toolkit for Confidence, Empowerment and Resilience

As the sun sets on the lazy days of summer, a sense of anticipation lingers in the air, marking the approaching return to school. A quiet hum of emotions fills the spaces between parents and children within this transition. The… Continue Reading >

New Year, New You: 5 Resolutions to Help Emotional Eaters Take Control

If you’re someone who eats when you’re stressed, depressed or anxious, you’re not alone. According to psychiatrist Phillipa Hay,“Around once a week, one in 10 Australians engages in some form of emotional eating, binge eating or out-of-control eating,” Additional research… Continue Reading >

Learning Music during this Summer Holiday

Summer, Music, Relaxation and Time to yourself? All sounds great doesn’t it, it’s that time again. Pop on your favourite music, go find that cool place and take some time out on this stressful day. I’m a mother and really… Continue Reading >

Managing meltdowns

As parents, we all dread that moment. Without warning, your child throws themself on the ground – screaming, crying and losing all control – and despite our heartfelt attempts at reasoning, we are at an absolute loss to calm them… Continue Reading >

Helping Kids Regulate Their Emotions

Today, we’re going to talk about something really important: emotional regulation. It’s a big topic, and it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about, especially given the recent challenges my family has faced. Some of these events have been tough,… Continue Reading >

Kids not listening? How to talk so that your kids can hear you.

As a mum of four boys. Believe me when I say I get it when people say their kids are not listening. Some days I feel like I tell one of my kids to put their shoes on 17 times… Continue Reading >