The Power Of The Attachment Bond: Part One

by Elizabeth Ryan    Attachment is possibly the most important issue for a baby’s healthy development.  It starts with the emotional bond or relationship between the main caregiver (referred to below as “mother”) and baby. Being baby’s first relationship experience,… Continue Reading >

The benefits of sending your child to childcare

By Dr Kaylene Henderson   The decision about whether to send your child to childcare is often accompanied by a wave of mixed emotions – nervousness, relief and that all-familiar guilt, just to name a few. After all, you’re planning… Continue Reading >

My child’s emotions…and mine

Dr Julie Hollitt   Adults struggle with emotions and emotional regulation. Some parents might say that they struggle more with emotions since their child was on the way – and then born – than when they had no children. As… Continue Reading >

Why It’s Important Not to Rush and Fix our Kid’s Feelings | Rachel Tomlinson | Ep 203

Our Emotions are the fuel to our thoughts and actions. How we feel helps form the lens through which we see the world around us and gives credence to our individual points of view. If our emotions have us in… Continue Reading >

Mother’s Day from across the waves

When I moved to Australia, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to see my family as much as I would have liked. But we always had a plan in place. Either I was going back to England or my… Continue Reading >

When Teens Lose Their Mojo

Raising a teenager is not easy. And to make it worse, lockdowns and COVID have put that task on steroids! When your child starts moving into the teen years their world is thrown upside down; their body suddenly changes, they… Continue Reading >

Emotion Naming Games for Children

Children who have a firm understanding of their emotional experiences are more able to regulate and express their feelings in healthy ways have more positive relationships, are better prepared for learning and also have higher self-esteem. When a child struggles… Continue Reading >

Trauma, connection and stress in the home

Connection is the foundation of a thriving, respectful and productive relationship with your baby. Without connection, you dive into dark and murky waters feeling your way into uncharted territory. Your relationship with your child starts before birth when they start… Continue Reading >

How to Reawaken your Mind in Motherhood

Do you remember the last time you allowed your mind to be still? To be focused on your own emotions? Your own wellbeing? Motherhood brings many changes to a woman’s life that when her new baby arrives, her mind is… Continue Reading >

Matrescence; the transition from Maiden to Mother

The shift from maiden to mother begins here. You can feel it, the delicious contrast between the dull ache and excitement for what is to come. In the days that followed my first birth, I only felt comfortable within the… Continue Reading >