Building Resilience Through Play

Being resilient is an integral part of a child’s development and helps bolster mental health and well-being. Resilience is a character trait that we build and as such we can help our children become more resilient, meaning they will be… Continue Reading >

The Transition Back From Daylight Savings

It has come to that time of year where the weather is cooling down and the days are getting shorter. If you are a parent, then this isn’t as much about moving towards autumn leaves and more temperate days, but… Continue Reading >

Three ways to manage expectations when you’re expecting 

Your expectations shape your experiences. And it’s no different with the transition to motherhood. You may have assumptions about what the birth will be like, the type of parent you will be, the things you will or will not do… Continue Reading >

Managing Finances for a Family

Managing finances for a family, especially with young children aged between 2 and 5, can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.  With the added expenses of childcare, education, and daily living, coupled with the responsibility of a mortgage, it’s essential… Continue Reading >

How to help children manage back to school stress – an expert weighs in

As the summer holidays fade away into a sun-soaked distant memory, parents and carers across the nation are strapping in and getting back into the regular school routine. While some children have embraced the return to learning and reuniting with… Continue Reading >

Starting the day right – setting your child up for a successful day.

Have you ever thought about how the start of the day affects your child’s day at school? How we start our day really does set us up for how the rest of our day runs, which is why starting the… Continue Reading >

Childhood myopia – should it be managed or treated?

by: Joe Tanner, Optometrist What is myopia and why is it important to manage? Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is a common eye condition that causes blurred distance vision which usually starts during childhood and typically progresses until a child… Continue Reading >

What’s causing your stress and how to manage it?

The end of the year can be very stressful especially with he festive season looming. 2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year.  It is important to find ways to manage stress as well as recognise the signs of stress…. Continue Reading >

4 simple ways to manage screen time for kids

What is the recommended screen time for children and can you use technology in a healthy way? Parents have long been warned about the pitfalls of screen time for children: negatively impacting on the development of literacy, social and gross motor skills, as… Continue Reading >

Managing meltdowns

As parents, we all dread that moment. Without warning, your child throws themself on the ground – screaming, crying and losing all control – and despite our heartfelt attempts at reasoning, we are at an absolute loss to calm them… Continue Reading >