Understandably, it can be difficult for children to remain motivated and engaged with their learning while on holidays. After all, they’ve just spent the past two or three months reading, writing, counting and problem-solving, so it’s only fair that they’re ready for their school break when it rolls around. With that said, it’s still really important to try to encourage as much learning and productivity as possible during those holiday breaks to avoid that dreaded “brain drain” when your children return to school.

There are plenty of activities and ideas you can implement to ensure your child is keeping their brain active, but also still enjoying their holiday.

Consider these three top ideas:


Ditch the Screens

Excessive screen time is the biggest culprit for a still and stagnant brain. Sure, most kids love nothing more than to sit back and watch their favourite movies or TV shows for hours on end, but it’s likely to do them more harm than good. Not only will your children become increasingly reliant on their screens for entertainment purposes, prolonged exposure to devices can also cause issues with their physical health.

It’s unrealistic (and perhaps a little bit unfair) to completely remove screen time from your child’s holiday activities, but you can consider allocating a certain amount of time for the TV each day. This can be negotiated with your child for added cooperation. Additionally, when your child is watching TV, try to encourage them to watch something educational throughout the day, ensuring their brain remains active and switched on.


Continued Reading

The easiest way to encourage continued learning is by reading. Reading is a part of day-today life that often goes unnoticed, but can certainly be boosted to improve your child’s skills and knowledge.

Encourage your child to read a book of their choice for half an hour each day. You might like to read with them, too, or even read your own book at the same time to show some moral support. If your child enjoys educational or interactive books, this is your perfect opportunity to spark a bit of brain power.


Get Out of the House

A simple fact of life is that children get bored easily. Rather than sit around the house for weeks on end, look into your local resources. Museums or science centres are a fantastic way to mix fun with education, and are usually a top choice for children. Most centres will also offer school holiday discounts. You might also like to consider Zoo’s or Aquarium’s for the same reason.

Enjoy sunny days as much as you can and head outside to a local park, playground or walking track. Not only do you have an opportunity to teach your children about nature and the great outdoors, they’re also likely to enjoy the change of scenery and appreciate a change of pace.

Keeping your kids engaged and active during school holidays can be a difficult task, but it’s certainly not impossible. Ask your children to be involved in the decision-making processes too, and, as a team, you can create a holiday break that is informative and most importantly, enjoyable for you both.


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