Fun Ways to Keep Children Learning During School Holidays

Understandably, it can be difficult for children to remain motivated and engaged with their learning while on holidays. After all, they’ve just spent the past two or three months reading, writing, counting and problem-solving, so it’s only fair that they’re… Continue Reading >

Playing with toys can improve your child’s reading and writing skills

Did you know that playing with toys can help your child become a better reader and writer? I do, and it’s probably only through my experience as a primary school teacher that I know this. First, let’s briefly touch on… Continue Reading >

Helping Your Child Write

One thing I often hear as a teacher is the difficulty of getting reluctant writers to write. Unfortunately, despite all the advances in technology, writing is still a very important skill to learn, however, for our children, writing isn’t as… Continue Reading >

School Holiday Writing Inspiration for Kids

Are you keen to spark creativity, encourage your kids to write and fill in time productively over the school holidays? Here, bestselling author Tristan Bancks shares five activities from his new Young Writers’StorySchool program. StorySchoolshares everything Bancks knows about writing in… Continue Reading >

Pre-writing activities for preschool kids at home

Over the last 18 months many of our little ones have been in and out of kindergarten or childcare due to the pandemic. As a result, it’s really common for many parents to worry about the development of their children’s… Continue Reading >

How to overcome fear to pursue your dreams

Tips from an award-winning Australian author Karen Turner discovered a passion for historical fiction after writing for the Financial Services industry for over twenty years. After entering a short story competition that she stumbled upon by chance, she was amazed… Continue Reading >


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Where have all the Christmas cards gone?

Where have all the Christmas cards gone? I mean seriously, I remember when I was young and we receive Christmas cards from my Aunts and Uncles with special greetings for Christmas and New Year. Sometimes we would be lucky enough… Continue Reading >

After school activities- Are your kids doing too many?

As a working parent and teacher, I understand the demands of my kids’ extra commitments and what it takes to not only pay for extra-curricular activities but also the logistics and time spent transporting and doing the activities. In contrast,… Continue Reading >

How to balance screen time with reading time

By Gemma Brown   According to a survey conducted by YouGov and Scholastic, 75% of parents with kids aged 6-17 agreed with the statement: “I wish my child would do more things that did not involve screen time.” The report… Continue Reading >