From Porter Davis World Of Style Lead Interior designer Stephanie Atanasovski

A child’s bedroom is a wonderful place. It’s a place of creativity, play, safety, thinking, feeling, and imagining. Porter Davis World of Style Lead Interior Designer Stephanie Atanasovski shares nine easy tips to turn your child’s bedroom into a place of magic.

1.See what interests your child and base the room around their favourite colours and things. A fun trend that we’re currently seeing a lot in kids bedrooms are Tee-Pee Tents. These are great for kids to play cubby house or chill out in. There are some really fun and unique designs out there.

A simple way to make a statement in any room is wallpaper. There are so many different options available and it’s a fun way to add colour and pattern to space. Another easy go-to is Wall Panelling. EasyCraft wall panelling adds a great feature to your kid’s bedroom and creates a sense of coziness.

2.Some of the best places to find inspiration for styling your child’s bedroom are at kid’s furniture and bed linen stores. You may find a quilt cover that you love and want to base your colour palette and scheme around. But my top tip is to ask your kids. Kids have great imaginations and they will probably tell you what they want, then it’s up to you to bring it to life in a practical sense.

3.To keep the bedroom age-appropriate, I recommend keeping the colours of the walls and the window furnishings neutral and to include furniture that they will grow into, so you don’t need to replace everything as they get older. Keep the base neutral, but add colour through bed linen and artwork. You can add and remove décor over time to suit their changing interests.

4.Make sure the bedroom essentials suit your child’s personality. These include a bed, bedside table or a dresser, a table lamp (ambient lighting makes it warm and inviting), storage drawers or cabinet, inspiring artwork or décor and bed linen that suits their personality. Items like floor rugs and bookshelves are also great, but only if space and budget permits.

5.To keep a room gender neutral, I would recommend keeping the walls a neutral base colour palette and introduce gender-neutral colour. Yellow or green achieve this, as do geometric patterns whether it be in soft furnishings or artwork.

6.If you’re dealing with a small space, a single bed or a king single bed will usually still allow enough room for a study desk or storage cabinet. If not, you could consider a bed with pull out drawers beneath and leave the floor space empty without furniture and provide an ottoman or Teepee tent for playing – and storing toys!

7.You don’t need to blow the budget to make a room look great. For example, DIY artwork is a cheap and unique option! Get your kids involved and ask them to create their own artwork and then frame it yourself. This will stimulate their creativity and give them a sense of achievement. They can hang their creation in their room and show it off to friends and family.

Another inexpensive way to transform a room is wall stickers. You can purchase some cool wall stickers that you can attach straight to the walls yourself. Most good wall stickers will peel straight off and will not damage the paint (*TIP: read the label before purchasing, to be safe).

You can have hours of fun with chalk paint. Get creative with the kids and use chalk paint to
draw on the walls or to decorate furniture. Loads of fun!

8.If your kids are sharing a bedroom and you’d like to style with both of their personalities in mind, get them to brainstorm together what favourite colours and interests they have in common. If they like different colours eg. blue and green or pink and purple you can use both colours in the same space and try and compliment them both. If they have different interests, try brainstorming how these two interests could come together and how you would display them in the space.

9.Get creative with storage ideas to keep bedrooms from becoming too cluttered. Beds with under storage compartments are great, as are overhead feature storage options, such as wall shelving, open feature boxes or overhead feature cabinets. Items such as bookcases, dressers with drawers, cabinets, storage boxes or containers, and study desks with drawers are all great functional pieces of furniture.


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