Reading to baby

At what age should you start to read with baby? As soon as I found out I was pregnant I rushed out and bought a box set of Beatrix Potter stories. Throughout my pregnancy I read those and other books… Continue Reading >

Playing with toys can improve your child’s reading and writing skills

Did you know that playing with toys can help your child become a better reader and writer? I do, and it’s probably only through my experience as a primary school teacher that I know this. First, let’s briefly touch on… Continue Reading >

Reading with your child

Reading with your child from a young age has been proven to give them many benefits and later learning success. It encourages good expression when they learn to read and a love of books. There is so much to talk… Continue Reading >

Too Busy to Read to your Child? Try these tricks

by Susan Taylor Reading aloud to children from a young age every day is so important for many reasons. Not only is it a great bonding experience, but it helps grow their language and communication skills, boosts imagination and creativity,… Continue Reading >

Cat napping

Cat napping is something that frustrates many mums. A catnap is a short nap, anything from 20-40 minutes. For babies, under 3-4 months of age, a cat nap can be a normal phenomenon. Until they are 4 months old babies… Continue Reading >

My child doesn’t like reading…

Our first daughter was incredibly curious, but honestly, she would not sit still for long enough to have a story read to her unless it was late in the night, and by late, I mean late. Often, I would fall… Continue Reading >

5 ways to help your child ease into the new school year

The summer holiday break is starting to look like a memory of the past as school started. Going back to school can be a challenging and exciting time. Seeing friends that we have not seen in the past few weeks,… Continue Reading >

New Fun Kid’s Reads for the Summer Holidays

 by Susan Taylor   It’s that time of the year again! Of course, the school summer holidays are fun, but boy can they also be long if you’re a parent (working or not). There’s only so many trips and outings… Continue Reading >

Making Memories at Christmas

The key question to keep asking is: Are you spending your time on the right things? As time is all you have. Randy Pausch One of my most valued things in the entire world is a tin lunch box filled… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Nurture Young Minds during Storytime, with LeapFrog

Media kindly brought to you by LeapFrog   Storytime is a hallmark of childhood. No doubt, you’ll have memories of a favourite book, fairy tale or real-life story – perhaps one of many – that were shared with you as… Continue Reading >