Why music is superfood for young children’s brain development

Media kindly brought to you by Mini Maestros We all know a song and a dance gives kids oodles of enjoyment, but did you know music also presents a huge developmental benefit for young children in particular? It’s common to… Continue Reading >

Stop Your Kids Turning into Entitled Brats this Christmas

One of the most consistent worries that I heard from both parents and teachers when I was a guidance counsellor was that this generation of children can sometimes be cynical, entitled, egocentric beings who seem to be amazingly ungrateful for… Continue Reading >

5 Reasons Why Board Games Are Beneficial For Families’ At-Home Play

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6 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Imaginative Play

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Amplify Your Happiness (and that of your kids) In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day

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Let’s work together to close Australia’s literacy gap

Allan Dougan Global Head of Education, 3PLearning.com   If you told me thirty years ago that I’d one day be writing articles for the paper, I’d have laughed at you I grew up in the bitter economic wasteland that was… Continue Reading >

The greatest challenges of being a dad

As someone that spends their life encouraging people to embrace challenges and get out of their comfort zone, becoming a Dad really was a time to heed my own advice. The advice I was given from close friends was to… Continue Reading >

Promoting Positive Fatherhood

Dads often get praised for regular parenting (just a bit patronising!) or they get portrayed as goofy and rather unhelpful – think Peppa’s Daddy Pig! So how can we promote positive fathering and the benefits of fatherhood? Simply acknowledging dads… Continue Reading >

Special Father’s Day Bonding Activity for Kids

Unleash Dad’s creative side this Father’s Day with Bostik’s unique craft projects! Bostik is encouraging families to spend quality time together with fun craft activities to make this Father’s Day unforgettable. For more ideas that stick visit https://www.bostik.com/ideasthatstick/      … Continue Reading >

Newborns and sleep: The Roadmap

Let’s talk newborns and sleep! Congratulations on your precious newborn. Babies are little miracles and bring bundles of joy. But along with all the love and joy this newborn journey brings, also comes many, many questions. Am I right? Lovely mama,… Continue Reading >