During pregnancy, your body goes through changes that have to be experienced to be believed. Building a human body requires a huge amount of energy and of course results in a whole lot of mental and physical change.

The hormonal changes alone see your body produce more oestrogen in pregnancy that it will for your entire lifetime non-pregnant. Progesterone assists in transforming your uterus from the size of a small pear to large enough to carry a beautiful baby and then back again!

While the transformation is incredible it can be hard to adjust to the physical change that occurs throughout this time. You may feel exhausted, sick and overwhelmed but remember you are doing the most important job you will ever do – growing, birthing and raising your children! Be kind to yourself and continue to remind yourself of the hugely important job you are doing.

It is a good idea to combat these sometimes challenging changes with positive impacts to your every day. Exercise has been proven to assist in mood, anxiety and battling the sometimes apparent post-baby blues.

Finding time for yourself as a mum is a challenging feat, in the blink of an eye you go from running out for a coffee whenever you want to elbow deep in sleepless nights, the benefit of if a balance can be a hard state of achievement when sharing your time with a beautiful bouncing bubba (or multiple)!

Finding some time for yourself during pregnancy and post-partum is a great way to positively impact your changing life and maintain a little consistency in a sometimes unpredictable time.

Here are some ideas to help you get a little activity into your day;

  • One of the best options available if affordable for you is to get a personal trainer that can adapt a training program that suits you perfectly. This is especially important for exercise during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Go to the gym – if you have a child that needs taking care of there are plenty of gyms that now have care facilities. Check out which showcases gyms in your local area that you can try for free. Always go check them out before just showing up to a class to make sure you’d be comfortable leaving your baby in care.
  • Sign up to an online program, these days there are plenty of online programs or apps available for training wherever suits. Some of the well-known apps/ online programs are;
    • Bikini Body Guide or SWEAT by Kayla Itsines
    • Ashy Bines Squad program
    • Michelle Bridges 12WBT
    • Sam Woods 28
  • And there are so many pregnancy guides that are suitable whilst pregnant but be sure to look into these and get sign off from your doctor before taking part
  • If you need something a bit gentler get out in the sun and go for a stroll, whether this is taking your new baby (and toddler) to the park, popping out on your own or taking your dog for a walk

As with all activity, it is vital you get checked and signed off with your doctor before participating to ensure it is suitable for you and your body. You may feel ready but it is always a good idea to get the appropriate checks completed to ensure all the activity you are doing is benefiting you rather than working against any issues.


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