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The COVID-19 era has presented our generation with the most exceptional set of circumstances; incomparable to anything we are likely to ever experience in our lifetime again.

I believe that it’s during the most challenging times in life that we encounter our greatest growth. The reason for this is that we have to become something greater than what we are, to find solutions to problems we’ve never had or experienced before.

Life in lockdown is far different from the pre-COVID-19 era, bringing us a new sense of reality. We can make a choice to either resist the changes in our lives or grow through them. Understanding the adversity everyone is facing, we have created a COVID-19 Tool Kit to provide you with expert information and advice.

The aim of the guide is to simply help and make a difference. I hope that it does that for you.

Remember, the challenges we’re facing won’t last forever, but the people’s lives you can impact through acts of kindness will.

Embrace this time with the kids; the special moments created during the stay at home era will soon become treasured times. It’s these moments that create memories your children will talk about with their children and handed down through their families for generations to come.

Inside the FREE COVID-19 Tool Kit you will find:

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I hope Kiddipedia’s COVID-19 guide helps provide support during this challenging time and can assist you in being the best parent you can.

Much love,