Announcing: Kiddipedia’s Newborn Guide 2022 Edition

What could be more beautiful than bringing a new life into the world? It is undoubtedly incomparable and unparalleled with anything else. From a baby’s first heartbeat to the moment you hold your newborn in your hands, the journey to… Continue Reading >

To the best mother – you!

Quite a few years ago I was listening to talk back radio on a long road trip to help keep me awake and alert. The radio announcer was talking about relationships between estranged parents and children and was inviting people… Continue Reading >

Recognising Stepmothers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just one day of 365 days to recognise and acknowledge the role of all women and all female carers; mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, guardians, carers in their often unsung and unpaid roles as carers of Australian children.  Biology… Continue Reading >

4 Reasons to Settle Out of Court When Going Through a Separation

Going through a separation is difficult, especially if kids are involved. It can get messy, sometimes spiteful, not to mention emotionally challenging for all who are involved. There are benefits to putting your differences aside and trying to settle out of… Continue Reading >

10 Steps To Develop Great Learners

When grandchildren came along, Granddad offered excellent advice to his son about the beauties, wisdom, and fun of parenting. Son, in exasperation, said – surely Dad there is research on parenting not just your experiences and edited opinions. This led… Continue Reading >

What to get the environmentally-conscious new mum: advice for sustainable gifting

Media kindly brought to you by On Chic Baby Clothes   If yourself and/or a friend has a passion for sustainability, you’ll know that it cannot be discounted as a passing fad, but rather, a lifestyle commitment. One that will… Continue Reading >

How To Succeed At Personal Development

By Damon Nailer   With the new year, many are strategizing and formulating what is considered personal development goals for 2022.  So, what is personal development?  Personal development, which is also known as self-work or self-growth work, encompasses learning and… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s Christmas Catalogue 2021

Oh the magic of Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. As the saying goes, Christmas isn’t a season, it is a feeling. The magic of Christmas is silent in moments that are indescribable. It is… Continue Reading >

Strategies to stay sane with a newborn

No matter how exciting it is to be a parent the constant care of a newborn can absolutely drain you. The addition of a new baby to the family can be a huge adjustment for everyone. A whole day can… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s COVID-19 Tool Kit

The COVID-19 era has presented our generation with the most exceptional set of circumstances; incomparable to anything we are likely to ever experience in our lifetime again. I believe that it’s during the most challenging times in life that we… Continue Reading >