Formula for TRUST and COLLABORATION 3 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 2

When a child comes home from school and shares their recollection about something that has happened during the day, the parent has the choice of three responses from which they may choose in dealing with their child’s concern. If the… Continue Reading >

Can hyperemesis gravidum cause miscarriage?

When you’re sick as a hungover millennial on New Year’s Day, unable to eat or drink normally and not keeping down your prenatal vitamins it’s understandable that you would worry about the health of your growing baby. Whether or not… Continue Reading >

Top tips for working from home with kids through the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing burnout

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an enormous shift in the way that we manage our work-life balance.  The reinforcement of social distancing measures has led to an unprecedented increase in the remote workforce across a large range of businesses.  The… Continue Reading >

A new day will come but a pretty special one is right here

Alex Ryvchin   When this is all over, the Coronavirus pandemic will be recorded and remembered as an extraordinary time in human history. For all our rapid advancements, unprecedented freedoms, access to information, and abundance of choice, we have been… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s COVID-19 Tool Kit

The COVID-19 era has presented our generation with the most exceptional set of circumstances; incomparable to anything we are likely to ever experience in our lifetime again. I believe that it’s during the most challenging times in life that we… Continue Reading >

How can we avoid Burnout during Lockdown?

10 Tips to understanding and preventing Burnout during Lockdown Have you ever suffered burnout?  Are you worried about ‘Burning Out’ during #stayhome? In this article I will provide some useful information about burnout and some tips to either prevent or… Continue Reading >

How To Make STEM Exciting

Media kindly brought to you by Professor Plums Nerd: by definition, the oxford dictionary characterises this as someone who is ‘Unfashionable and socially inept or boringly studious.’ Undoubtedly this conception can be seen as being discourteous and disrespectful. What is… Continue Reading >

How to respond to your child’s anxiety about COVID-19

As concerns about COVID-19 intensify, many parents are wondering how to talk to their children about the virus. Most children will be aware that something significant is happening and it’s natural for them to experience some anxiety. Here are some… Continue Reading >

Tips for families about COVID-19 from Dr Tanya Unni, Amtan Medical Centre founder and director

The rumours and misconceptions about COVID-19 are spreading at a faster rate than the novel virus. We have to be mindful of the misleading rumours during such a critical period of pandemic, since wrong information can lead to undesirable outcomes. Here are some of the… Continue Reading >

Do your kids realise Food Is Medicine?

By Clare Zivanovic ND   Imagine it’s dinner time and your family is sitting at the table. You plate up the meal you’ve somehow found time to create, place it in front of your kids and hear, “Ugh, do I… Continue Reading >