Helping Your Child Write

One thing I often hear as a teacher is the difficulty of getting reluctant writers to write. Unfortunately, despite all the advances in technology, writing is still a very important skill to learn, however, for our children, writing isn’t as… Continue Reading >

How Exercise Can Alleviate Post-Natal Depression

Australian research indicates that 1 in 10 women will experience depression during pregnancy and that 1 in 6 women will experience postnatal depression in the first after the birth of their baby. Signs of antenatal or postnatal depression can include… Continue Reading >

Parents’ Guide to Early Literacy Education

Media kindly brought to you by Learning Logic   Over the last two decades, there has been much debate and discussion about the best way to teach children to read. Recently updated curriculum documents, and a wealth of research, support… Continue Reading >

Back to School Guide – Checklist for all Stages

Starting big school is exciting and a huge milestone in a kid’s life, and also for the parents. Some things that might be different are a bigger school, having to wear a school uniform, new teachers, new kids, and not… Continue Reading >

New Year, New You: 5 Resolutions to Help Emotional Eaters Take Control

If you’re someone who eats when you’re stressed, depressed or anxious, you’re not alone. According to psychiatrist Phillipa Hay,“Around once a week, one in 10 Australians engages in some form of emotional eating, binge eating or out-of-control eating,” Additional research… Continue Reading >

Playtime with Food to Help your Fussy Eater

Playtime with food may help your fussy eater according to a range of studies*. Understanding food from a sensory perspective has been shown to reduce the fear of new foods in children. Around the world scientists, educators and feeding professionals… Continue Reading >

Dinner times stressful? Try these 5 time saving tips.

If you’re anything like the mums I work with, dinner time can be a real struggle. You’ve been busy all day, the kids are grumpy after school, everyone’s hungry and you really can’t be bothered cooking.  Night after night, this… Continue Reading >

Easy recipes kids can make to contribute to your Christmas feast

Cooking has got to be up there as one of the most valuable skills we can teach our children. Getting the little ones excited about food, where it comes from and how to cook it, gives them a better chance… Continue Reading >

How education can help your child live their best life.

Education is a funny thing. Immediately when people hear the word the first thing they  think of school. For some this can trigger bad memories of failed exams and teachers who yelled in class. For others its about playground antics… Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Teaching Children Gardening from Toddlers to Preschoolers

Gardening is one of the best things you can do, but involving your children can also have enormous benefits for the entire family. Not only will your kids have fun and spend time outside reaping the many rewards of this… Continue Reading >