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Take advantage of your fridge and freezer storage to cut down the weekly grocery bill

A trip to the supermarket has never been so expensive. But with the right fridge and freezer and a few food storage hacks, you can keep your weekly grocery costs down and still enjoy healthy meals the whole household will love.

  1. Crisper drawers

The crisper drawers in your fridge are your secret weapon for keeping food fresh for longer. These clever drawers have a different level of humidity from the rest of the fridge to extend the life of your fruits and veggies, making your healthy recipes stay fresher for longer. Check out the Westinghouse 619L French-Door Refrigerator (WHE6170BB) which has five defined settings and a convertible drawer that takes the headache out of the fridge and freezer shuffle!

  1. Store with clear containers

We all love peaking inside celebrity fridges that have rows and rows of perfectly stacked containers and condiments. But what’s the one thing they all have in common? Clear containers. Not only do they look great – but grouping items together in clear storage containers also helps save time when looking for ingredients you may think you don’t have. It also means you’ll save money at the supermarket because you won’t be re-purchasing what you already know you have on hand. Practical and stylish!

  1. Rotate your food

While it’s tempting to shove your grocery haul in the fridge any which way it can fit, taking the time to audit and organise the contents will save you significantly. Rotating your ingredients to store the newest items at the back will help you to detect what needs to be used first to beat those pesky expiry dates. It also helps reduce food waste which is always a win.

  1. Store freezer food vertically

And finally, a simple tip that will end the need to freeze your hands off when looking into the depths of the freezer!   makes it easier to see what you have. This is perfect for box foods, such as pizzas and ready meals and takes away the hassle of fitting around ice-cream containers and other odd-shaped frozen packaging.