Worried about going back to school? Here are some tips that might help

After weeks of learning virtually from home, it’s finally time for our kids to go back to the classroom. While some will inevitably find the transition back to school easy and exciting, others will find the shift challenging and filled… Continue Reading >

Suggestions to Support your Children as they Transition Back to School

Some families have coped more successfully than others with the disruption and change COVID issued in. Mattson Newell, a director for Partners in Leadership, a Fortune 500 Company, realised that the most successful people displayed a quality not covered by IQ… Continue Reading >

Teacher Assistant 101: Strategies that every parent and carer can learn to support at-home learning

Dr Tom Brunzell & Jodie White This article is written from the unique perspectives of a parent and a teacher collaborating to support at-home learning based upon our collaborative approach to supporting families at Berry Street Victoria, Australia. Home schooling… Continue Reading >

What is the Importance of Equipping Young People with Skills for Employment, Decent Work and Entrepreneurship? | Greg O’Connor | Ep 192

  I think it’s fair to say parents are completely overextended lockdowns and homeschooling. As we emerge from this point in time, it’s important for us to reflect: What has this time taught us? How is it likely to affect… Continue Reading >

How to Survive this Ongoing Lockdown

I know for many of us lockdown has been quite a challenge, not to say the least. And as a Victorian resident, I know exactly how frustrating lockdown can be. I understand how many people have felt down about their… Continue Reading >

Books to Keep Young Kids Busy During Lockdown

It’s hard enough to keep the little ones entertained at the best of times, but throw into the mix lockdowns, closures of playcentres and even mingling with other families and it’s near impossible! Let’s face it, there’s only so many… Continue Reading >

Alternate Childcare Options During COVID Lockdowns

With the ever-changing and dare say, unreliable, environment Australia is experiencing at the moment, it’s difficult to navigate everyday life, let alone childcare and work. They say, every day is a blessing, and now, I truly understand that feeling. Without… Continue Reading >

Helping Kids Manage Their Emotions During Lockdown

Since COVID entered our lives in early 2020 there have been a multitude of events that have caused anxiety, confusion, and numerous other emotions for our children. As our country is now being impacted by continual lock downs it can… Continue Reading >

How to Deal with Lockdown Noise Issues Without Losing It

With more people now working from home, and millions of Aussie kids currently doing home schooling in lockdown, people are currently complaining loudly about one annoying issue – that of noise. Across the country people have been leaving nasty notes… Continue Reading >

What is The Secret Value Of Your Child Learning Coding and STEM in Online Classes?

Technology is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50.   As parents in the virtual-school era, whether we are learning online by choice or necessity, we know the drill. We find… Continue Reading >