This month it is time to focus on connections. Before the crazy of Christmas descends. ‘Cause us mums are busy, busy, busy little bees. Focused on the tasks that keep the family running, the kids fed, the house semi-clean.

But sometimes, in the rush and routine, we forget that the little humans we are trying so hard to raise well, need us to just stop sometimes, and take a moment to just be in the moment with them.

So let’s take 5 minutes to chat about 5 ways you can connect with your child today. None take more than a few minutes, but the profound effect on the kiddos will be felt long after that.

See kids spell the word love, as time. Quality time. And what we do in the time doesn’t have to be at all complicated; it must simply just be dedicated. To showing up, having fun, and meeting your child with new appreciation.

So here are my top 5 quick connection ideas. (Nothing profound here mummas, just some simple ideas that often slip by as we race through the day!)


Read a book together

Not only is reading so essential for our kids learning, but the art of reading together, talking about the story, engaging each other in learning and exploring and using our imaginations is such an amazing way to deepen connections. Whether you read, they read, you both read, whatever works, take time to read and then chat together.


Take some silly selfies together

Us mums are often missing from our own photo reels, instead, we are generally the ones taking the pics. Enjoy the moment of taking some pictures with your child. Chatting, laughing and loving in the moment. Down the track, look back together, especially when things are rough, or the connection is in need of work!


Dance together

Put on some music mumma, something upbeat. And get your groovin’ shoes on. Kids love to dance, the exercise is amazing for all, and the laughs and memories will last a lifetime.


Play a game together

The choice of game is yours, but take the time to play together. Favourite’s in our house right now include sardines (kind of like a reverse hide-and-seek), and Cluedo Jnr. My girls just love to take time to play these with me.


Cook together

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to cook something special, it can be as simple as engaging your child to help you with a small task at dinner. This is by far my fave way because getting kids involved in what they are eating is so crucial in helping them to try new foods and make great food choices. I might be totally biased, but as a nutritionist, this one definitely takes the cake (pun intended)!

Whatever you choose to do, take time to really show up and be present in the moment for your child. Engage them, learn from them and cherish the time with them.

None of these activities are time-consuming, or complicated, but they are fun, and a great way to give love to your child that resonates with them.


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