Separation anxiety at drop-off….help! 

We’ve all been there – rushing to work, battling traffic, scoffing a breakfast bar because we haven’t had time to eat a proper meal……we finally get to childcare, only for our little one to… Just. Stop. They grab our legs… Continue Reading >

Surviving Lockdown with a Baby or Young Child

The world has certainly changed over the past 18 months with many families going in and out of lockdown multiple times. Many parents are caring for their babies and young children while also working from home to help stop the… Continue Reading >

Third Time’s a Charm — How to Prepare for Baby Number Three

By Flicka Williams “GeeGee’s mum, how do babies get in your tummy?” On a sizzling 38 degree day in Sydney — I was already sweating. Seven months pregnant with my third child, I sat in front of 17 preschoolers, including… Continue Reading >

Voyage and Return

We are back to plots and the exploration of story. This hopefully will serve you when you are trying to find a particular book to start a particular conversation with your child. Last month we explored ‘overcoming the monster’ which… Continue Reading >

Overcoming the Monster

Everything about the idea of introducing you to the seven plots used in story is exciting because it is with the intention of giving you a load of ideas about the books you choose for your child, especially when you… Continue Reading >

Top five things to look for when finding your child’s new hobby

Raman Bhalla, Co-founder of Playbee   Children’s activities are a dime-a-dozen, with new providers popping up every day, in every city! But how do you find the best provider for your child? We all want the best for our children,… Continue Reading >

Frankie Pants’ Top Tips for Being a Superhero at Home

Being stuck at home for hours on end is no fun for anyone, but here are some top tips from Frankie Pants, superhero of new children’s book Frankie Pants & Mr Fox, on how kids can make the most of… Continue Reading >

Super Snacking

By Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics Twitter #BaysideDietetic FB Bayside Dietetics Instagram @baysidedietetic   Here are two of the most common questions I get asked: What is the best thing to eat for a snack? What should you feed… Continue Reading >

Finished the last page of a great book? Try these ideas to expand kids’ thinking

There are lots of fun extension activities to do with our kids once the last page has been read. Here are practical, tired and tested ideas to try when expanding kids’ experiences, opinions and concepts about the books they read…. Continue Reading >

Delving deeper into your child’s favourite story.

Think back to your own childhood. What was your favourite kids’ book? Depending on your   ‘vintage’ answers will vary. As a little girl, I remember loving the classics; Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm,  ‘The Five Chinese Brothers’ but mainly… Continue Reading >