Playing with toys can improve your child’s reading and writing skills

Did you know that playing with toys can help your child become a better reader and writer? I do, and it’s probably only through my experience as a primary school teacher that I know this. First, let’s briefly touch on… Continue Reading >

Never Too Young For Music

  Parents often question the validity of enrolling an infant into music classes asking, ‘Isn’t my child too young?’ Music is a Language Instinctively, we don’t wait until a child can speak before we talk to them. We immerse them… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Show Love and Care to Your Children

Parenthood means everything to me. I love, love, love being a father. To make things even better, I have been serving as a parent educator for a few years now, and this has been an absolutely awesome journey. Because of… Continue Reading >

Reading with your child

Reading with your child from a young age has been proven to give them many benefits and later learning success. It encourages good expression when they learn to read and a love of books. There is so much to talk… Continue Reading >

4 ways to encourage nature-based play with your child and why it matters

Media kindly brought to you by Plum Play  Take the modern world’s increasing amount of ‘screen time’, urban living arrangements that limit access to green spaces, throw in a pandemic with enforced home lockdowns, and it’s no surprise that kids’… Continue Reading >

Why play is at the top of my Mother’s Day wish list?

Like many mothers this week I’ve been asked a number of times – ‘what do you want for Mother’s Day?’ I’ve thought long and hard about it. And truly, all I want for Mother’s Day is play. Time for our… Continue Reading >

Building Resilience Through Play

Being resilient is an integral part of a child’s development and helps bolster mental health and well-being. Resilience is a character trait that we build and as such we can help our children become more resilient, meaning they will be… Continue Reading >

Too tired to play? We’ve got you covered

Four go-to games for parents too tired to play.   We know all too well what it can be like at the end of a long day. You’ve just survived the madness of the peak-hour school run and now that… Continue Reading >

COVID and the Developmental Effects on Infants

During the last two years, extended lockdowns and isolation due to COVID-19 has been hard for many parents for so many different reasons. As the Pandemic stretches on, parents, researchers and those of us who work with children ask ourselves… Continue Reading >

Benefits of being a fit and active parent

Let’s face it…. regardless of whether you’ve got one child, or a whole tribe of kids…. once they become mobile, you need to be on your toes and on the ready at all times! Not only are kids constantly on… Continue Reading >