Are Your Child’s Emotions Getting In The Way Of Their Success?

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Emotions should come with some kind of warning when we are born, and the warning should be: Buyer beware—emotions are powerful! Emotions can be the fuel driving you toward success, or they can be the… Continue Reading >

The Top Fears Children Face When Starting Swimming Lessons, and how to Overcome Them.

Written by Kingswim Area Manager, Anne Brown   Winter may seem like the least ideal time for a dip in the pool, but even when the months turn cold, swimming lessons must be a top priority. There a summer of… Continue Reading >

Banning Secrets – A News Years Resolution

For many of us, sharing a secret with a friend or family member was a normal part of our childhood. The idea of being entrusted with a secret would conjure up feelings of delight as you furtively promised ‘never to… Continue Reading >

Drinking Mindfully Over Christmas

T’is the season to be jolly. Festive cheer is all around and parties are in full flow. But getting into the spirits (quite literally) can leave us feeling flat. Drinking more mindfully might be the answer. So, how can we… Continue Reading >

The Joy of Grilling with Kids

The enjoyment and value of teaching kids and teens how to cook also should be extended to the brilliance of the barbecue. Making sure that safety is paramount, children should get ensconced in the joy of barbecuing by understanding different… Continue Reading >

How to Stop Fear Holding You Back

Imagine that every day when you hop into your car, you start to imagine the worst-case scenario unfolding. You focus on all the negative risks: the potential car accidents, the speeding fines, an airbag blowing up by mistake, or a… Continue Reading >

Raising Brave Kids as an Anxious Parent

Being brave doesn’t mean that you are not afraid. Being brave means to keep your own fear and anxiety under control, and not curtail your children’s freedom to develop. Some people find that easier than others. Some cannot let go… Continue Reading >

How to overcome fear to pursue your dreams

Tips from an award-winning Australian author Karen Turner discovered a passion for historical fiction after writing for the Financial Services industry for over twenty years. After entering a short story competition that she stumbled upon by chance, she was amazed… Continue Reading >

Spark Courage

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Why Kids Lose Their Stuff and Parents Lose Their Mind!

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Take a stroll around any primary school or high school and you’ll find lost property boxes crammed with school tops, jackets, hats, calculators, and even socks and shoes. It’s like the story of the Magic… Continue Reading >