How to Stop Fear Holding You Back

Imagine that every day when you hop into your car, you start to imagine the worst-case scenario unfolding. You focus on all the negative risks: the potential car accidents, the speeding fines, an airbag blowing up by mistake, or a… Continue Reading >

Benefits of Boxing for Parents

Being a parent is a full time job in itself, plus having a full time job on top of that can add even more stress to our lives. There is no doubt that 2020 is not the year we thought… Continue Reading >

Fun things to do with a Washing Basket

There are many regular everyday items around the house you can use to have fun with your little one and also support their development. One of our favourites is the humble washing basket. Is it a car? A pirate ship?… Continue Reading >

Helping your child through their divorce experience

When two parents decide to no longer be together, it is a decision that may have been long expected or it could come as a complete surprise. Every child’s reaction and response to their parents breaking-up will be unique and… Continue Reading >

“When stress literally makes you sick” — 3 ways to positively manage Hyperstress Response

By Jas Rawlinson   As a mental health advocate and writing coach who specialises in assisting trauma survivors to tell their stories, self-care is a big part of my personal and professional life.  However, whilst we are all aware of… Continue Reading >

How to help your teen overcome school stress

By Youthrive Psychologist Kasey Lloyd   Stress is an individual’s response to pressure. A little stress is a good thing – it helps us realise the importance of something and assists us to perform at our best. However, too much stress… Continue Reading >

Teaching Your Kids to Say ‘NO’

As parents, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort trying to get our kids to say ‘yes’. Yes to eating veggies, yes to bedtime, yes to putting away toys, yes to cleaning teeth, yes to a multitude of… Continue Reading >

Learning to Trust your Instincts….

Trusting your instincts is a common enquiry, of when to know the gut instinct you have is right and best listened to, versus what a fear is arising in you from an emotional response by something in the media, the… Continue Reading >

Is My Child Stressed?

Quite simply put, “Yes”.  Stress is something that we all face every single day.  It is not dangerous in itself and some stress can actually be quite helpful.  Good stress alerts us to real and certain dangers and directs us… Continue Reading >


If I could meet myself as I was 2 years ago and, just starting out on the single mum journey I would have said to myself  ‘where your energy goes is where your attention flows”.  Obviously, hindsight doesn’t really help… Continue Reading >