Building Confidence Through Emotional Awareness 

While kids are growing up, it can be difficult for them to feel confident. But there are things parents can do to support their emotional growth and build confidence. Your children’s ability to grow emotionally resilient is assisted by your… Continue Reading >

What is Birth Trauma?

Birth Trauma is a result of a physical OR emotional injury experienced during or after childbirth, or a combination of both. Physical Trauma A physical injury can result from tearing or an episiotomy, postpartum haemorrhage, an instrumental delivery, complications from… Continue Reading >

Nurturing Harmony at Home: A 3 step problem solving approach

Research tells us that different parenting approaches (like attachment parenting, gentle parenting or tiger parenting) don’t make any real differences in how kids turn out. So you know that parenting manual that never came with the kids? That’s ok –… Continue Reading >

Mental Health in Young Children: How to spot the early signs

After two years in lockdowns, children are getting used to being in the classroom and around their peers again, which can cause anxiety. How can we spot the early signs of mental health before they become a more serious issue?

10 Ideas To Encourage Effective Play-Based Learning

If you are a new parent, babysitter, or nursery teacher, you should know that playing is one of the most important ways children learn necessary educational & life skills. Besides promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills, play-based learning encourages… Continue Reading >

4th Trimester Considerations from a Women’s Health Physio 

The journey of pregnancy doesn’t end with childbirth—it continues into the crucial period known as the 4th trimester. Your Women’s health physiotherapist should play a vital role in supporting you during this transformative phase. In this blog post, we will delve… Continue Reading >

The First Trimester

The first trimester gets a bad rap – often pregnancy symptoms feel overwhelming – tiredness nausea, sometimes vomiting, feeling vague, emotional, and lightheaded. There is also a feeling of mild anxiety for many parents about things like whether the pregnancy… Continue Reading >

New Treatment for Mastitis – What You Need to Know.

by: Pinky McKay IBCLC   Suddenly feeling ‘fluey’? Emotional and teary? And you have a hot sore breast? Feeling ‘fluey’ any time when you are breastfeeding is a warning sign that you could be coming down with mastitis, inflammation of the… Continue Reading >

Benefits of Music in Childhood Development

Media kindly brought to you by Music Beat   Throughout history, music has been a useful teaching tool to support children’s learning and development. For thousands of years, the creation of music has helped children develop social, emotional, cognitive and… Continue Reading >

The 5 Lessons I’ve Learnt as a New Dad

By Joshua Cavanagh   As a first-time parent to a daughter of 7 months, I have found parenting to be a never-ending journey filled with highs, lows, ups, and downs. But, for the most part, it has been filled with… Continue Reading >