When I listen to babies and tune into their thoughts, I am often surprised by their level of awareness. I verbalise to the parents what it is that I pick up, often confirming what it is that the baby is portraying by these thoughts I get. Such as, they like their big sister when she sings to her, or they love their new puppy. It is often quite specific.

You may question how, that babies would have such resounding clarity on the English language! It is not that they are always saying the words, rather a vibration or image is given to me. However, babies also can have specific words that are said. Which are undeniable, as I am clairaudient, I trust what it is that comes.

Parents can do this too, by really looking into the eyes of their baby. Ask them, even though you may think it is silly, or crazy, trust me…it works. But the trick is to wait, not having an expectation on what will pop into your thoughts. You can then verbalise either by your thoughts, or by physically saying the words of the image, or thought back to the baby. You will often get a response of recognition from the baby.

Just the other day, I was seeing a 1-week old baby where the mum asked me to watch him whilst she got some nappies, he was screaming as often they do when they are placed on a change table, getting ready for their clothes to be changed! Once I placed my hand behind their head gently, soothingly asking “hey are you ok? I can hear you” this little baby boy just suddenly quietened, looking up at me with this knowing and recognition. This baby boy did not say (audible language) just this recognised look of “hey you can hear me” this baby needed to know he was safe, being in this world. So, I reassured him he was safe, that he had a beautiful mum that adored him. The mum walked back in the room after only a moment away, surprised how I wasn’t needing to pick him up in order to console him. Just simply acknowledging his existence here in this world.

The transition from womb to being in this physical reality can often be daunting for some. Especially if they have had a traumatic entrance in to this world. Image going to sleep in your bed, waking up in another country with different smells, sounds, temperature changes and having to now breathe on their own, plus have a hungry belly! I think anyone would be feeling a little shocked. Babies need a lot of cuddles and reassurances in the early days, not just because they are afraid and a need for love, but that instinctive knowing that they need to feel safe in the transition of worlds.

Learn to listen to your guidance, with your baby. Every baby is so different, as is a finger print. Know that you are the best thing for your baby, that when you feel that your baby is trying to tell you something, they are! Tune in. Trust your gut.


Love and Light as always



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