Green Secrets Holistic Health

Green Secrets Holistic Health

Life in lockdown can be tough – whether you’re trying to run a business (which is stressful enough in itself), or working from home on top of trying to home-school the children, you may be feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. I can promise you one thing – you are certainly not alone in feeling this way…

As I write this, most of Australia’s major capital cities are currently under strict and extended lockdowns. We really are living in unprecedented times with stress and mental health emerging as the ‘other’ pandemic.  We are all trying to juggle a million things at once in the middle of a global crisis, living and working with this constant undertone of fear and uncertainty – not a recipe for success.

As a holistic health coach, I’m here to help you to not just survive, but to thrive in lockdown with my 3 C’s – some simple coping strategies to get through this quarantine period.

  • Calm – remember to breathe! We often take very shallow breaths when stressed and holding tension within our bodies. A couple of times a day (try setting a regular reminder on your phone), make it a habit to simply stop whatever activity you are currently doing, close your eyes and take some big, deep, slow inhalations and exhalations. Doing this for even 30 seconds can literally stop that stress response in its tracks!  Throw in a few neck stretches and shoulder shrugs and you will be amazed how much tension is released in your body!
  • Create – pull out the crayons and coloured pencils and get the kids to draw, in fact why don’t you join in with them? Creative therapy is a wonderful stress busting activity and there are even adult colouring books you can purchase.

Get out of the same old weeknight dinner rut – go through old recipe books with the family and cook something new – get the children involved with age appropriate activities such as helping you with the shopping and food preparation – get creative in the kitchen and have some fun!

  • Connect – We are not solitary creatures by nature, we like to be part of a tribe or community, so keep the lines of communication open and connect with your work colleagues, family and friends online, whether you join a virtual zoom co-working meeting, coffee catch up, or video chat with your mum and play virtual scrabble together – it helps us all feel connected to each other which is vitally important for our mental health and wellbeing.

Lastly – be kinder to yourself and cut yourself some slack.  You are doing an exceptional job and you should stop to pat yourself on the back every once in a while!  Remember, everyone is in the same boat at the moment – just doing their very best to keep things together in these trying times.  No-one is judging you on your performance as a wife, mother, teacher, business owner etc during lockdown so accepting life in all its chaotic glory can be a freeing experience!

If you are having difficulty coping and are feeling overwhelmed – reach out for support as us health professionals are here to help.  I am currently offering all readers a free training – how to prevent stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks in under a minute.  Click on the link below to learn more: