Introducing Pets to Your New Baby

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Breathing exercises to calm children and reduce anxiety

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Back-to-School Confidence Crisis? Here’s A Magical Toolkit for Confidence, Empowerment and Resilience

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Unlocking the Power of Problem-Solving in Parenting

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5 Expert-Approved Ways to Calm, Centre, and Soothe Your Mind

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My Child is a Stubborn Fussy Eater, Help!

“My child is a stubborn fussy eater”, is a comment I hear all the time in my work as a fussy eater specialist. Stubbornness is a fascinating personality trait that may deliver long-term benefits[i], but in the meantime, parents are… Continue Reading >

Teaching kids to be cool and calm

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Chaos to Calm: Be Curious but not Critical

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The Art of Saying Sorry to Your Kids

How we all make mistakes as parents and repair is what’s needed to get us back on track. Sometimes as parents, despite our best intentions, we get it wrong. We yell or snap at our kids. We ‘dig in’ for… Continue Reading >

Trauma, connection and stress in the home

Connection is the foundation of a thriving, respectful and productive relationship with your baby. Without connection, you dive into dark and murky waters feeling your way into uncharted territory. Your relationship with your child starts before birth when they start… Continue Reading >