Many parents have recognized the benefits of growing up with a pet and have experienced the irreplaceable bond children develop with them. Studies and research have shown pets improve social development and help children learn to be responsible, caring and respectful.

Australian’s have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. One study found that Australian ownership of cats and dogs saved approximately $3.86 billion in health expenditure over one year. This is according to

Therefore, in Australia, a child growing up with pets is normal in every household. It promotes positive social and emotional outcomes in children. Research indicates that many benefits of owning pets are aided with the friendship and bond that is formed between children and pets.

Studies also show that children will have higher self-esteem. Because they have a constant companion that they can talk to and play with, it boosts their social development.  Pets will have so much positive influence on the children that they develop a good relationship with their friends and schoolmates. They are more empathetic and compassionate as well.

Physical benefits also show with this relationship as children’s immune system strengthens and it reduces the risk of allergies. Most household who have pet will help boosts children outdoor activities like walking and running around. Physical activity is very important in children and should be done regularly, accomplishing this with a pet will make it more exciting and pleasurable.

Having a pet friend will help boosts their creativity at play. Thinking for themselves and maybe role-playing with their pets help them be imaginative and creative. Thus, they can be better at school and other activities.

Children who are 5 and older can be taught on how they can start caring for their pet by themselves thus they learn how to be responsible and independent. When they start to care for their pets, children will learn how to share and be more cooperative. They learn the value of giving and listening as well.

Thus, research and studies have summed up that having a pet in the household is good for overall development of a child. We do encourage this for households who can afford it and are capable to have one. With proper supervision and safety of the children, you will appreciate the benefits that it will entail.


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