Teacher-Librarians – The Aunty of the School

If the classroom teacher is the ‘school parent’, then the teacher librarian is an aunty. They are a caring, supportive presence in a child’s life. A person with responsibility and a high level of investment in the child, they are… Continue Reading >

Postpartum 101: Everything you need to know before you give birth

Why everyone is obsessing over the fourth trimester After 9 months of growing a human, and going through all the bodily changes that women experience; there is still another 3 months of change and growth to go! It’s referred to… Continue Reading >

Working together for babies born too soon

World Prematurity Day 2020 – Caring for the future In an Australian-first, Miracle Babies Foundation launches an information hub for families with a premature or sick baby. Miracle Babies Foundation, Australia’s leading not for profit supporting premature and sick newborns,… Continue Reading >

Top tips when having your first baby

Congratulations you’re having a baby! Having your first baby is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. It is also one of the most challenging times as you learn how to care for a newborn baby and… Continue Reading >

Practising self-care now that your child is at school

Susan Spelic Reading Advocate and Parent   Once your child has gone into their classroom you may have choices. If you are working, you might need to race to work but if the day is yours to do important errands… Continue Reading >

Getting Along: How to Skip the Sibling Rivalry And Raise Best Friends.

The relationship between siblings is an incredibly special one. It’s a bond forged by years of togetherness, through the times you get along and the times you don’t. As parents, helping our children to get along as they grow is… Continue Reading >

How to Raise Good Little People

Does your kid smile at complete strangers? Offer to help someone in need? Say please, thank you and excuse me? Show compassion, kindness and respect at all times? Invite and include everyone in their classroom to their birthday parties? If… Continue Reading >

Child Growth Development with Pets

Many parents have recognized the benefits of growing up with a pet and have experienced the irreplaceable bond children develop with them. Studies and research have shown pets improve social development and help children learn to be responsible, caring and respectful. Australian’s have one… Continue Reading >

Celebrating the power of girls!

October 11th is International Day of the Girl celebrating the power of girls, highlighting the barriers they face, promotes their rights and highlights gender inequalities. There’s no doubt the world is slowly but surely seeing a shift in changing the stereotypes… Continue Reading >