October 11th is International Day of the Girl celebrating the power of girls, highlighting the barriers they face, promotes their rights and highlights gender inequalities.

There’s no doubt the world is slowly but surely seeing a shift in changing the stereotypes of what is considered to be defined as “true beauty” for women and “acceptable” as a profession.

Lets face it,  it’s about time.

Over recent years there have been a series of successful advertising campaigns encouraging women to accept ourselves as we are, no matter what our size or shape, urging us to see our own beauty.

I ask you however, is it enough for our generation? Is a few advertising campaigns enough to undo all the social conditioning we have grown up with? For some of us we have a lot of hard work to do to lift the layers of self doubt in our body image, to see and really appreciate our own true beauty.

This is however the mindset where we need to be in order to make change for our children, for their children and their children’s children. If we want to make a shift in the next generation’s mindset to have a healthy acceptance of their appearance. But in order to do this it has to start with us, we need to lead by example.

As women we should be encouraging our girls to see their own beauty, we can’t do this if we think and speak negatively about ourselves.

The young girls of this generation need to see and hear us accepting ourselves and how we look so they can do the same.

It’s our job to lay a solid foundation of self confidence in our body images and acceptance in who we are. So when the girls of this generation look at a magazine of what the media deem as being beautiful they have enough self confidence to not let it affect them. To admire beauty but not let it destroy their own self confidence.

Coupled with this, young girls of this generation are so fortunate to grow up in a time of increasing equality, where they can be inspired to dream. If they want to run to be Prime Minister of Australia,  they know that it is possible. That they have no boundaries in who they can become and what they can achieve.

So this needs to start with us, in the here and now, to build a better future we need to plant the seeds within our youth. To empower and educate our girls so their subconscious conditioning layers a multitude of positivity and healthy self awareness.

I’m a firm believer we are what we say we are. 

With positivity and love all things are possible.

I’m a firm believer we need to teach our girls to understand that they are beautiful, they are smart, strong and they ‘can’ do anything!

Thanks for reading…

Much love!

Rach 🙂


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