Is my child the bully in school?

Is my child the bully? Dealing with bullying is an unfortunate fact of life for many children, and it can be equally distressing for parents. As the latest instalment in our Real Conversations series, we will tackle how to identify… Continue Reading >

10 Steps To Develop Great Learners

When grandchildren came along, Granddad offered excellent advice to his son about the beauties, wisdom, and fun of parenting. Son, in exasperation, said – surely Dad there is research on parenting not just your experiences and edited opinions. This led… Continue Reading >

Entre-parent-euring: Business lessons we can take from being parents, and how to successfully juggle both

by: Sabri Suby, founder at King Kong   Building a business and raising children simultaneously will give you a different perspective that you can’t unsee. It is said that as a parent you will get to spend approximately 18 summers… Continue Reading >

Shifting Your Mindset in Parenting 

Something I’ve really learnt over the past (almost!) two years as a mother, is that my mindset really dictates so much of how each day plays out.  I can easily get stuck in a mindset of “this is so hard, I… Continue Reading >

*** Sesame Workshop Introduces New Sesame Street Muppet, Ji-Young | Autumn Zitani | Ep 200 ***

As we all know, each families’ race, ethnicity, and culture are important parts of their identity. Children, including very young children, understand and want to have a sense of belonging to their families’ racial, ethnic, and cultural group or groups…. Continue Reading >

10 Amazing Benefits of Sensory Play for Babies and Toddlers | Claire Behrmann | Ep 198

Did you know that sensory play is important for babies’ and toddlers’ brain development and the most critical period of time for children to be exposed to sensory play is within their early postnatal years? Why? It’s because over 90%… Continue Reading >

Surviving a New Baby in the Pandemic | Belinda Joyce | Ep 197

If you are planning to have a baby, are currently expecting or are with a newborn, and are navigating the complexities of parenting in a pandemic, then this chat is for you. The first moment you discover you’re expecting a… Continue Reading >

Who is like the mum or dad at home? Neither it’s called parenting…

A common question asked of same-sex couples who have children is who takes on specific roles within the household, in short, who plays the role of mum and who plays the role of dad?   I like to challenge this… Continue Reading >

Listening Effectively so that your Child Feels Heard (During Divorce and any other time)

When so much is happening during separation, being able to listen effectively so that your child feels heard becomes a crucial part of your everyday in divorce. Being able to communicate well with your child can help to strengthen the… Continue Reading >

Multiple Advantages of Multicultural Parenting

As a young child develops into a grown-up, there are numerous influences that shape him as an individual. Each interaction with a fellow human being leaves a lasting impression on the child. Such influence on character is not wielded by… Continue Reading >