As a mum, we tend to be always juggling things in the air, til we can’t. When we can’t any more, we have to look to our tribe, our village of people around us; to help us when we can’t do it on our own. Those women that we think are doing it great on their own; look closer, have they got aunties/mums/friends a fabulous partner etc helping them with those “other” little jobs that there is no way one person can do in a day.


This is why it is so important to honour your friendships, honour your time spent having those seemingly meaningless cups of coffee with your neighbours, getting together with your mothers groups, building relationships and connections. These are pivotal to families, to have these people around us for when we truly need them.


Whilst I was away on what was meant to be a great “child free” weekend in Tasmania, turned into a trip to the emergency department. Big shout out to the ambulance crew from Hobart…they were angels. Whilst in there, I was so grateful for those people that I had around me, helping me. I was also so grateful that my kids were being cared for by their father back in Melbourne, so I didn’t have to worry about who was looking after them. But it got me thinking, what if I didn’t have that. What if I was all my kids had?


Building our tribe is so important. Not just for the practical reasons, but for our own connections and support holistically – emotionally as well as physically. Support is the number one thing I ask when I see a new family. What do they have around them if the cookies crumble? Building communities and neighbourhoods where families feel connected and not isolated is vital for the well-being of families.


What is it that you can do for your neighbours, your community, friends and family to join together and become more connected? Reaching out to those that are new to your area, or if you know that someone has had a new baby in your street, offering a gentle ear to listen, or to help out. What a wonderful world that would be to all come together and support each other.


Blessings to you all J


PS: I am all good now…thankful for having a great hospital staff, who quite frankly do an amazing job under very stressful environments!!