You’ve been trying to conceive a baby for so long. It’s been months since you made the decision to stop taking the oral contraceptive pill and begin trying for a baby. You and your partner are so ready for the next stage in your lives – parenthood – but it’s taking longer than either of you expected.

When couples begin experiencing difficulties conceiving a baby, they often turn to medical assistance for conceiving. Your doctor may suggest IUI or IVF. Often these methods are started with only simple investigations to determine why the couple has been unable to conceive. Infertility with an unknown cause is usually because not enough investigations have been carried out.

IVF and IUI often fails because there are hormonal imbalances that prevent you from falling pregnant and staying pregnant. If these hormonal imbalances aren’t corrected, your chances of falling pregnant are slim (even with IVF and other artificial insemination methods).

One of my clients contacted me to improve her fertility. She had been trying to conceive since her first-born had turned 1 – she hadn’t been using contraception, but it had been nearly 2 years and still she hadn’t conceived another baby. Investigations discovered she was suffering with hormonal imbalances – her periods were irregular, she frequently experienced acne, and she had a lot of stress in her workplace, which was contributing to her hormonal imbalance.

I treated this client with her own personal herbal formula, focusing on correcting her hormonal imbalances. Her periods became more regular within 2 cycles. Around 4 months after her first appointment, she reported that she was pregnant.

If you find yourself in this situation, struggling to fall pregnant and experiencing hormonal symptoms, you may be suffering from hormonal imbalances too. Your first step is to discover more about your hormones and find out if they are out of balance. One tool I give my clients is a menstrual symptom diary to assess when certain symptoms occur. This can be a key indicator of various hormonal imbalances.

Imagine solving your hormonal issues such as period problems and acne, and increasing your fertility at the same time. The holistic healthcare approach can help you achieve these outcomes. By regulating your hormones, you’ll be treating your fertility problems from the root of the cause.

You’re ready to take control of your hormones and improve your fertility. My free 3-Day Hormone Health Ecourse is your solution to getting intimate with your hormones and finding out how to correct imbalances. Join the 3-Day Hormone Health Ecourse here.


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