How to Better Manage Sibling Relationships

It’s the eternal question that challenges every parent – how can we better manage the relationships between our kids? If your family is anything like mine, stress and strife characterise sibling relationships. In my house, there’s the 14 yo older… Continue Reading >

The benefits of sending your child to childcare

By Dr Kaylene Henderson   The decision about whether to send your child to childcare is often accompanied by a wave of mixed emotions – nervousness, relief and that all-familiar guilt, just to name a few. After all, you’re planning… Continue Reading >

How to build strong family dynamics by creating your own rules

One of the most powerful ways to build strong family dynamics is to utilise the concept of Gamification. This means applying the principles and design of games to areas of your life that may appear to be nothing like a… Continue Reading >

The kids are doing just fine…

by Shane Warren   In recent years all across the globe, we have witnessed a growing public debate about the rights of same-sex attracted couples being allowed to marry.  Echoing down the halls of this debate constantly is the discussion… Continue Reading >

Connecting Beyond a Digital World

Almost everyone knows how to live a healthy life. Eat vegetables, get good sleep, move our bodies, and be kind. Most of us also know the digital world doesn’t replace the need for in-person interactions. But what do we do… Continue Reading >

Going Back to School

I’m sure there really are kids out there who are excited about heading back to school after the summer holidays. But I don’t know any of them. If your kids are back at school, or about to be, these ideas… Continue Reading >

Salute To Victorian Carers For Truly Incredible Care

Nearly half of all Victorians (726,600) have been in a situation where they’ve provided help to look after a loved one but only a fraction realise their efforts make them unpaid carers and the. And as these silent heroes provide… Continue Reading >

When & How to Reignite Your Sex-Life After a Baby Is Born | Dr Janet Hall | Ep 104

  Retrospectively looking back at the difference in eager and enthusiastic lovemaking pre-baby to what happens after a baby is born, there is a significant contrast between the two. The levels of passion in the bedroom go from one extreme… Continue Reading >

Did you know? Babies Learn from Birth

  Did you know that by the age of one, babies have learnt all the sounds that make up their native language? When a baby hears the sounds of people talking, songs being sung, and the rhythms and repetitions of… Continue Reading >

Bullying V Bad Behaviour

The term bullying is an emotive term often used to describe negative interactions between two children or two adolescents. It is important to understand the difference between bullying behaviour and bad behaviour as they are not the same thing. The… Continue Reading >