Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience in any woman’s life, if not the greatest. What an experience it will be for all expecting parents to one day tell their daughter or son that they were born during a pandemic.

But for mums to be, their birthing experience right now is very different in a COVID-19 world.

The COVID-19 era has brought new concerns to the pending arrival of a newborn that no doubt] brings a lot of anxiety. What is normally an exciting experience has become a little more of a high-stress situation as standard practices have had to adapt for safety and protection.

At no other time in a women’s life does she experience such a flood of hormonal fluctuations as during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. We should be empathetic and mindful for all pregnant women who have an added layer of concern at this time on top of their already heighten emotions.

To ensure we help parents to be feel supported in their maternal anxiety we welcome our special guest, Kathy Fray.

Kathy is a Midwife, Best-Selling Author & Award-Winning international private Maternity Consultant.

As a holistically-minded Midwife, Kathy is a passionate promoter of mothers-to-be accessing empowering maternity education and a thought-leader of Integrative Maternity Healthcare information.


We ask Kathy questions including:

  1. If a woman is pregnant, how is she best to look after herself in isolation, provided the changes to the typical face-to-face contact?
  2. What should normal Antenatal care look like during this abnormal period of a pandemic?
  3. A lot of mums to be may be concerned about seeing their GP opting for telehealth appointments instead. What tips and advice do you have for a mum who is choosing this option?
  4. What about their obstetrician appointments?
  5. How are you seeing birth plans change and adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions?
  6. I understand the ability to have a doula has altered and has made it difficult for the doulas to fulfil part of their job, what are your thoughts on this?
  7. In the last few months, pregnant women would have had to avoided interactions with friends and family. This is no doubt is emotionally tough as they had to isolate themselves from loved ones in order to stay safe. In what is is already an emotionally heighten time, what is your advice to help mums to still share the experience with loved ones?
  8. Current research suggests that COVID-19 does not pass through amniotic fluid, but once a baby is born, they are at risk of catching the disease. Hospitals have introduced some new procedures to make sure the newborn and mother are safe, can you tell us some of them?
  9. Having a baby in a hospital is always the safest place to do so, however, more women than ever before are considering HomeBirthing to avoid the Hospital – who is HomeBirth suitable for?
  10. I’ve read that a lot of elective induction or elective cesarean sections are procedures have been cancelled as a result of COVID-19, what is your experience with this?
  11. The idea of taking a newborn home can be overwhelming for some parents. No doubt there are many parents to be worried about the guidelines for separation and others are scared of catching the disease.
  12. What should normal Postnatal care be like during this pandemic?


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