Tips to Combat Loneliness as a Mum

Being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mum) mum is great but has its downside, and that is loneliness and the feeling of isolation. Before kids, I was always around people. I worked, socialised, got invited out and due to being… Continue Reading >

170 Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

If you looking for some fun ideas to keep the kids busy and engaged whilst staying home to stay safe you’re in the right place. One thing a lot of us may be forgetting during this stressful time is that… Continue Reading >

Keeping Your Family Entertained During COVID-19 Isolation by Karen Phillip

As the virus progresses, we are seeing more families being isolated for their 2-week containment time. Sure, you can go outside but other than that you are housebound for the 2-week duration. I hear the shriek of screams but wait;… Continue Reading >

Stockpiling tips during quarantine

If you have potentially been exposed or have tested positive to the novel COVID-19, you will need to be in isolation or quarantine for 14 days. There are two factors I want you to consider when stocking up on foods:… Continue Reading >

Depression in 2021: Isolation & Technology

By Nigel Ford Isolation and depression often go hand-in-hand. One can easily lead to the other. Unfortunately, many of the new restrictions that people are facing are contributing to both isolation and depression. Furthermore, there is a strong link between… Continue Reading >

A Celebrity Trainer Shares His Top 5 Ways To Keep Fit While In Isolation

While I’m sure we all had good intentions to stick to our daily online workouts during our first round of isolation, I have no doubt many of us would have been struggling without having incidental exercise opportunities, with our time… Continue Reading >

The Effects of Isolation on Children

Elisabeth Shaw, CEO, Relationships Australia NSW   Children need others to thrive. Not only do they need their physical needs met, they need to be loved and safe within relationships. Through those relationships, they develop the assuredness that they can… Continue Reading >

Effects of COVID-19 on Special Needs Children

There’s no question (and it’s backed by quite a bit of research) that COVID-19 and the imposition of quarantine/lockdown mandates has had a higher negative impact on children (and families) with special needs (as compared to their neuro-typical counterparts). Learning… Continue Reading >

Helping your kids get back into school life after home isolation

With a myriad of changes happening in the world right now, most of us have learnt that nothing is really a ‘given.’  We are very lucky if we have not lost family members to COVID-19 but in saying that, as… Continue Reading >

How Does Social Isolation Affect Children?

Recently both children and adolescents have seen considerable changes to their weekly routines. School looks different, sport is on hold and parents and family for the most part have been the sole source of face-to-face social interaction for many children… Continue Reading >