The COVID-19 era is going to be one that children will remember as being the point in time that they missed out many things, mostly the things that meant a lot to them.

They will remember COVID-19 being the reason they missed out on going to the park to play, seeing their friends at school, missed out on attending friends birthday parties, or being able to celebrate their own with their friends, going to basketball training, dancing or footy lessons, the list could on and on.

Disappointment is not an easy emotion to sit with and it’s really hard for us to see our children disappointed and upset because of all this turmoil.

To help get us through this and to share practical strategies we can use when responding to kids disappointment is our special guest Kari Sutton.

Kari is an expert in fostering children’s positive mental health and has helped over 25,000 children, parents, and educators with evidence-based strategies, tools and approaches as well as common sense tips that help kids stop worrying so much and to manage their anxiety.


We ask Kari questions including:

  1. How can parents best empathise with their children’s disappointment?
  2. Are there any self-calming techniques you can suggest parents use?
  3.  Looking at it from a different perspective, do you think that parents can also use this time to help teach their kids how to deal with emotions and disappointment?
  4. Can Disappointment be a good thing when used as an opportunity to teach delayed gratification?
  5. Do you think this can help encourage children to develop the virtue of patience?
  6. What should parents be telling their kids about everything being cancelled and having to be in isolation?
  7. What are the key things we can do to help our kids cope with the disappointment they feel at this time?
  8. Can you give us three things we can do to help our kids cope with the ongoing isolation and unknown time frame?


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