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Kathy Fray BSc - Mid , Senior Midwife is an award-winning best-selling parenting author, passionate promoter of mothers-to-be accessing empowering maternity education, holistically-minded Midwife, and thought-leader of Integrative Maternity Healthcare information.



LOVE IS … A Mother

Perhaps the most profound side-effect of becoming a mother is that of gaining a hugely enlarged understanding of the breadth and depth of what ‘loving’ someone really can mean. It’s a new, compassionate, feminine wisdom that more deeply appreciates what… Continue Reading >


Understanding how to create the smoothest pregnancy in each Trimester   During your First Trimester of pregnancy, the one thing your body wants to do, more than anything else on the planet (!), is to maintain the pregnancy. To accomplish… Continue Reading >

Fortifying Immunity During COVID-19 Pandemic

Our body has multiple frontline defences of immunity barriers, including our skin, tears, saliva, stomach acid, gut microbiome and the Respiratory System’s tract cilia and epithelium layer. However, the novel nature of COVID-19 is making it challenging for medicine to… Continue Reading >

Boost Your Pregnancy Compromised Immune System

By Kathy Fray Not since the Spanish Flu a century ago has the benefit of having a robust Immune System been so important to mankind, globally! However, pregnancy naturally weakens the immune system making women immuno-compromised. For a long time the… Continue Reading >

To Scan or not to Scan

By Kathy Fray That is a question during this Pandemic Here’s the general recommendations to keep everyone as safe as possible: Woman only at all scans – no extra attendees (unless as emotional support during a suspected miscarriage confirmation scan)… Continue Reading >

What instructions are your Maternity HealthCare Providers (midwives, obstetricians, doulas) receiving to keep You, your Baby, and Themselves safe during your Postpartum?

By Kathy Fray Obviously, every country has slightly different policies, but the below is a good general overview to know how often both yourself, and your newborn, should be assessed by a maternity health professional during the postpartum, to ensure… Continue Reading >

What instructions are your Maternity HealthCare Providers (midwives, obstetricians, doulas) receiving to keep You, your Baby, and Themselves safe during your Pregnancy ?

By Kathy Fray It is physiologically normal during pregnancy1 to naturally be immuno-compromised (it is part of how your body doesn’t reject growing your baby). But add into that fact, knowing that local Hospitals (where you may have been planning to give… Continue Reading >

Weird & Wonderful Baby Skin Things!

Brand new babies can arrive with some very strange and bizarre looks indeed, which are usually all within the realms of ‘normal’. Then, within the first weeks of life babies can also develop some very curious and peculiar skin things… Continue Reading >

Six Essentials to Understanding Over-Tired Babies

“Is he a good sleeper?” “Oh, he’s wonderful. He just closes his fists, wrinkles his button nose, and lets out a cute little grizzle – and I know he’s tired. So then he’s straight into bed and he’s out like… Continue Reading >

Screening at Birth

Without doubt, voluntarily allowing your wee bundle to be manhandled by someone else for medical examinations is a Big Ask for some mums … especially if Bubs is crying, which they typically seem to. “Whoa!” you can find yourself muttering… Continue Reading >

Everything You Need To Take To Birthing Suite

Some people have an innate ability all their life to pack lightly – and I’m unashamedly not one of them. So this article is about being totally and utterly prepared for the arrival of a baby, not partially or reasonably… Continue Reading >

Crazy Normal Newborn Behaviours

For most of us, the arrival of our first child is usually the first Labour we’ve ever been privy to, which is rather an intense first introduction to the experience of Childbirth! Often too, our newborn is the first neonate… Continue Reading >

Breast-Weaning – Is there ever a Right time to start Formula??

This is a tricky question First-World parents often ask, and like so many parenting issues, there is no definitive answer that is appropriate for all circumstances. ​ Some Western governments have ratified the B.F.H.I. (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative), which has… Continue Reading >



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