Making mistakes as a new parent is normal. Every parent has done it & no-one is an exception.

Parenting a newborn in particular is a complex activity that requires skills & knowledge: the more we have the greater we are equipped to make better parenting decisions.

To help share her skills, knowledge, expert information & advice we welcome our special guest, Elsha Young, one of Australia’s leading family therapists, mother & co-owner/founder of The Peninsula Nest.

We ask Elsha questions including:

  1. How can the pressure to be a perfect parent take you away from being present & connecting with your baby?
  2. Why should parents follow their gut instincts? How can parents learn to trust themselves?
  3. Why is it important for new parents to put boundaries in place?
  4. Why is it so important for Mums to Stay Connected & not be afraid to ask loved ones for help?
  5. Why is self care difficult for mothers to make a priority? Why should they make it a priority?
  6. How is play a great opportunity to teach your baby things like attachment, safety & predictability?
  7. Do you have any tips for parents how they can best read their babies cues?
  8. What is the best sleep advice you can provide new parents that won’t leave them feeling overwhelmed?


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