When I first realised that I was able to fully hear what was on the minds of babies…what was in their thoughts, it came as a complete and utter surprise. I already knew to instinctively talk to the babies. Knowing that I could tap into their energies, to feel them empathically. Whereas, the day I literally heard the words, “itchy head and my penis is still sore” (from a circumcision a week earlier) as clear as if someone was saying these words out loud in the room. To then, not only hear these as clear as day, but to then have my friend, the baby’s mum walk back in the room and say “I think he has an itchy head” random and completely off topic to what we were talking about prior. This was a day I knew things were about to change for me.It took another 2 years to the present day, for my ego and fear to get out the way enough and understand I had more to do in my time here on earth. …to be the Baby Whisperer, literally!!

In the meantime, I have been asking babies what they are wanting to say or thinking whenever I get the chance.

Full disclosure; I am a skeptic at heart. Half of me comes from a logic perspective. I come from both sides of the coin so to speak. I am a firm believer in the quantum realm, as well as realising that we also live in this physical perspective. I question and often want to scientifically understand phenomena such as this, further. I think healthy skepticism in this field is one that can lead to enquiry. For furthering our understanding, rather than just blindly accepting this as is. Although, I’m sure there are some that believe that we should just accept, not question, just enjoy this other sense we all have the ability to tap into. Whereas, I see being mildly skeptical or inquisitive, is a way forward, learning and exploring the depths and breaths of every angle possible, which leads to greater understanding to pass this on to those that may need further validations.

How I became intuitive where I would actually hear, clairaudiently, at that exact point with the ‘itchy head’ moment, but also, in hindsight, i always was able to read peoples thoughts. Not in a loud audible talking way, rather just a knowing, thought way. Not all babies actually have audible words to say, but so many do. It really depends on the openness or need of the parents or the child to say something. I see some children that are so happy and literally jump up and want to sit on my lap and have a conversation when they realise, I can talk to them intuitively. Others, often the very new babies, are still affected by the medications from the birth, making it difficult to connect in that moment. Every child is different, in temperament and in abilities themselves to connect this way.

The abilities of these phenomenon’s that are outside of the normal paradigm that most people live in day in day out, may seem too much, too ‘whatever’ it is….however, I have learnt that it is such a beautiful way to connect with the babies and children that are yet to be able to talk audibly for others to hear via sound, audible to our ears. My questioning as to why it is that I have this ability and others have other clairvoyant/clairaudient etc abilities, is that we are all different, just as unique as a fingerprint. We are all here on this earth to do certain things in our lifetime; mine is to connect with babies and children.

I have always loved babies, from my 7th birthday when I insisted on a doll that could be fed and wet their nappies. I was in my element. I then wanted to have (for real) a child at the age of 14, after my mother passed away. I couldn’t wait to have my own children. Thankfully, I waited until I was 22 years old. After I had completed my first degree in nursing. I was 8 months pregnant on my final nursing exam, which was the best feeling in the world for me, a moment I’ll never forget. Having four children now, despite the tantrums & tears …and that’s just from me 😉 there is so much fun and laughter that my life really is filled with so much love. My greatest joy would be to have every child to experience love, kindness and compassion within their hearts. They truly are the most beautiful souls. Every single one.

At the basis of all this, I am here for the babies, to give them a voice, to help them with transitions into their physical forms, as well as allow them to have their say once they are here.

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