What does my child need right now? Behaviour is the best indicator!

by Dr Julie Hollitt   Being curious about the behaviour of children is to be curious about what they need and about what it is that they are ready to learn. The behaviour of children can be far more enlightening… Continue Reading >

LOVE IS … A Mother

Perhaps the most profound side-effect of becoming a mother is that of gaining a hugely enlarged understanding of the breadth and depth of what ‘loving’ someone really can mean. It’s a new, compassionate, feminine wisdom that more deeply appreciates what… Continue Reading >

Meaning of Mother’s Day

May is here! And when May comes, Mother’s Day is just a few days away. What does this mean? Shops will be promoting a lot of their gift ideas and discount sale offers for mothers. Social media will be buzzing… Continue Reading >

Animal Behaviourist Reveals How to Help Children Express Love to a Feline Family Member

You consider your feline friend a close family member, but have you ever questioned whether your cat loves you too? New research from Fancy FeastÒ reveals that almost two thirds (64%) of cat owners aren’t recognising one of the most… Continue Reading >

School Anxiety After Lockdown: Tips to Help Your Child Cope

Returning to school can be a stressful experience for children at the best of times, but going back to school after extended lockdowns can cause extra anxiety. Although many children and parents are looking forward to the return of school,… Continue Reading >

Understanding the Dangers of Child and Teen Online Activity

Do you know what your children are doing online? The digital world has moved so fast for parents that many don’t understand how their kids are being influenced or targeted online. They underestimate the disastrous consequences of internet bullying, low… Continue Reading >

What you need to know about interpreting dreams & what they’re telling you

Every dreamer’s dream has a personal meaning. A dream dictionary can shine some light on probable interpretations, but ultimately you have to intuitively work out what your dreams mean to you. It will depend on your background, circumstances and emotional… Continue Reading >


I was reading something a bit ago that stated, “In Japan, going along with others is a sign not of weakness but of tolerance, self-control, and maturity in Japan.” Let me start by admitting first, that I’m an individualist, I’m… Continue Reading >

Stopping domestic violence starts in early childhood

Violence against women is preventable because we know that the cycle of violence starts with disrespect. Violence stems from sexist attitudes and disrespect of women and girls such as: that women and girls aren’t as good as men and boys, don’t deserve… Continue Reading >

To my Daughter, with Love

To my Daughter, with Love When your greatest gift stands right in front of you   When rays of sunshine Enter your life Bath in the warmth Of their glow A glow that can only Be given By those we… Continue Reading >