With school holidays just beginning, it’s time to start planning how you will keep the kids entertained – and keep yourself sane! Luckily there are an abundance of activities that you can do inside and outside the house that are not only fun but good for the environment.

“The school holidays can often be overwhelming for parents, with many of us struggling to decide what to do with the kids,” says Garth Graves from TOMRA Collection. “However, with so many activities around Perth, it’s also the perfect time to connect with your children and teach them valuable life lessons – all while having fun!”

For those looking to keep their kids entertained, TOMRA has put together their top five school holiday activities to keep kids busy:

Discover shipwrecks at the Maritime Museum:

Enter a whole new world and learn about shipwrecks all amazingly constructed with LEGO at the ‘Discover Shipwrecks’ exhibit at the Maritime Museum. The famous Batavia, Vasa and the iconic Titanic have all been recreated in a large-scale LEGO model. Children under five have free access to this highly educational and creative adventure. LEGO workshops and creative writing workshops are also available on certain dates. This exhibition is a great opportunity to get the kids out and learn in a unique way about events that they may not have heard of.

Enter Perth’s first ever recycling time-trial:

Instead of just throwing your bottles and cans in the recycling bin, TOMRA has launched a new recycling time-trial aimed at finding Perth’s fastest recycler. Kids can test their speed by recycling eligible containers in the reverse vending machines as fast as they can in 60 seconds with a prize of $500 given to the fastest recycler. This is not only a great family-friendly school holiday activity but teaches your kids the importance of recycling, stopping plastic from ending up in landfill and giving kids a chance to earn some extra pocket money.

Picnic at the Botanic gardens:

Experience the best of Australian nature with a family picnic at the Botanic gardens! Not only will you be surrounded by various Western Australian native flora, you will also enjoy a spectacular view from the Botanic Terraces. Let the kids appreciate the Indigenous artwork as they soak up the sun or cycle around the track.

Build a herb garden:

Building a herb garden is an easy way to introduce your kids to gardening and spice up those home cooked meals. Take your kids down to your local nursery to pick up some seedlings and something to plant your herb garden in. Remember to pick out seeds that are in season to give your child the best chance of success! For added benefits, invest in a quality potting mix that will provide your new herb garden with valuable nutrients that will keep the herbs healthy.

Perth Royal Show:

Have an unforgettable day with the family at Perth’s Royal Show these school holidays! The event offers 55 world class shows everyday, so there is something for all ages and interests. The program is jam packed with Bluey, Motor Mayhem and Fireworks Spectacular shows to thrill your kids, alongside rides, farm animal exhibits and showbags!


TOMRA Collection:

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